Unexpected Smiles

There is nothing more exciting and unexpected that will bring a smile to ones face than random mail. It seems odd that mail in the age of e-mail, twitter, Facetime, Google+ Hangout’s and whose its and whats it galore (oddly enough the random cycle of my iTunes library had those lyrics playing as I was typing this. Another unexpected smile). Mail is awesome. Last week when I was on vacation in the Outer Banks (cut short due to some stupid hurricane or something like that, I mailed post cards to some people. Just for chips and pringles. Some people got #complexcrabs, others got other random stuff. All in all though it was awesome.
When I came home, I had a few things sitting in my mailbox. 1.) Bills, eew. 2.) Birthday card from my friends the Haskell’s with a DD Gift Card in it. 3.) Birthday card from C , I laughed it was great. 4.) A small package from Jess and Josh. In it were a card and some penguins.

I love the hat!!!

That is all. But if you look there is an awesome cupcake winking at me, telling me to eat it. A nice letter, there is more on the other side, but well you don’t get to read all of my mail, weirdo’s. And the “Service Penguins”. While they are tiny, they are awesome. They don’t leave much of a mess, they can tolerate my air conditioning, feeding them is a charm. I just hate trying to put their shoes on. I just can’t get that training down. Anytime I try, it is all flapping arms and pecking. Apparently their training is a little rough still. However, they can make me smile and remind me to make sure my sugar is right so it is awesome. I love mail. Thank you Jess and Josh.

That brought an unexpected smile to my face.

Chatting with people makes me smile. Either the random conversations on twitter, the possible disruptions I cause in the #dsma chats, and “Hanging Out”. Awesome.

The other thing that can make me smile at times are the random diabetes bloopers we have. While I know there are more out there, this blooper occurred on Tuesday. I was at Target shopping and while waiting in line to check out Beepy McBeeperson started going off in my pocket. I pull him out, sure thing I was 47. Sigh. So along with soap, shampoo, Diet Pepsi, and a DVD, I added Reese’s Pieces to the list. I wander out of the store and pour a bunch into my hand, like 1/2 the package. A Yellow Jacket lands on my hand on my Pieces. (Did I mention I for some reason am terrified of Yellow Jackets?) So what do I do? Well like any, wise, civilized person. I throw the Reese’s into the air, scream, and run away flailing. I BLAME THE LOW!

So now I am out half a pack of Pieces, my dignity is all over the parking lot, people are staring at me. So what do I do? I fall over laughing. I mean, come on seriously? What else can I do? That made me smile unexpectedly. Who know a low could bring such joy to my face. Granted I do prefer mail to bees going after my low treatment.



D-Art Day

I can not claim to be an artist. I can not claim to have talent. I can claim that I had fun even if this was not what I was originally planning. I think it shaped up decently if nothing else. It was relaxing this morning.

I am working on a few other different posts. So today could be a multi-day for me. I am just waiting for my Service Penguin to calm down. It’s not a big fan of my trying to put shoes on it. :-p