Tremendously Wordless: Christmas

So I am cheating today. My picture covers yesterday’s Tremendous and today’s Wordless post.

So yesterday I was out shopping to buy this very nice Christmas Tree for my room. I thought I was not going to be dealing with a tree this year. Until people kept giving me ornaments. Which is  TREMENDOUS!!! Jess sent me the blue one! The celtic cross came from my grandmother’s tree. The Santa ornament is from my trip to Radio City Music Hall, which I did not want to go to. The Dunkin Donut cup is AWESOME as a way of truly proving my love for Iced Coffees. I love It. Yes the tree is askew, but I only got it out of the box last night. So I am trying to set things up still. It is great! I love my friends. (Now I need to finish sending out my Christmas Season cards!)


The guilt of the guilty

The guilt of the guilty is a nice little address to all of us out there during this holiday season. I was thinking maybe today’s Blog should start out with something different. I figured it….

(Cue slowly increasing orchestral music) (Deep announcer voice)

“In a world full of sweets and treats…”
“In a world full of, ‘Can you eat that?'”
“In a world where all’s we want are some bacon and cupcakes.”

(Crescendo and Loud BLAST of music)

Starring: You, yourself, your chosen vessel of insulin conveyance, and of course that person who gives you “that look.”
You know the look I am talking about…. 
Not the raised eyebrow, hey you are you supposed to be eating that look? You know to much sugar can kill you… make you lose a leg…. go blind…. 
The one where you want to respond with the, “$%$%#!!!!!” Drinking can kill you! Peanuts can kill you!!! My fist, yeah that too can kill you.” DON’T GIVE ME THAT LOOK. You know the look I am talking about. Granted, my picture doesn’t do it justice, because I don’t judge you when you grab that cookie, coconut bar, peanut butter and chocolate coated pretzel……. (drool). 
Sorry where was I? Oh yes. I don’t judge. Hence why I can’t take an adequate picture of the raised eyebrow guilty look. Oh do I hate that look. But is getting that look worth the food?? Heck yeah it is. So what if you get that look. You can do this. Yeah, that’s right. Granted my analogy to the project is not technically right. It has nothing to really do with eating cupcakes and bacon, well not to much. More about getting through daily life with d and such. But nonetheless, it still means something. 
Yes we will get that look. We feel guilty, however if you properly plan, bolus, swag, or whatever you are fine. If you forget, get it covered. Alright, so maybe during the holiday season your numbers are higher. Am I going to judge you? Nope. Why? Because we too can enjoy food from time to time. Yet, we do need to still do the rest of the work. Test, bolus, basal properly, correct, whatever we need to do. 
Don’t feel the guilt of that look. Don’t get discouraged. You are who you are, you have your weaknesses. You can walk the walk, talk the talk, and eat the cupcake. (I couldn’t say eat the eat, that is just weird).
*Disclaimer: I have no ties to the You Can Do this Project. I am to terrified to make a Vlog still. I like the idea though. Kimpants is a friend of mine and I really like the project. My brief definition of the “You can do this project” may not have fully or accurately described the awesomeness of the project and what it does. Also, just because Kim may or may not have promised me additional puppy pictures that are not dirty if I mentioned her in a blog means absolutely nothing. I don’t have to claim anything down here…..
** Disclaimer to the disclaimer: Kimpants did not promise me puppy pictures in any capacity to talk about her or her project. That was all a lie. I am not a good person from time to time. C told me that the other night. I can’t seem to find the tweet right now. Something about me being Holy or something. I will have to look into where that one went. Found it…. 

 Are you still reading this disclaimer? Seriously, there is nothing else here. Not even a link to a video or something like that. Nothing at all to do with unicorns or anything like that. 

*** One last DISCLAIMER. I love the DOC and Merry Christmas to you all. If you are not Catholic or of the Christian persuasion, Happy Solstice. You guys are totally awesome. But seriously, did you just read all of the disclaimers?? I mean one day I will have a legit one one day.

Wordless Wednesday: The good, the bad, the ugly.

The good, the bad, and ugly. Or in this case my week in pictures.

All of my presents are wrapped and labeled.
Christmas cards still not done.  
One day after taking a cleat to the leg. Granted the one who cleated me sprained his ankle.

Obviously the last post is the ugly. I am to tired to figure out why blogger won’t let me add the word between the pictures. I know it is a simple fix, but meh….

Tremendous Tuesday: Drained

So today is a great Tuesday. Totally, tremendously awesome. While I may have been slacking on my Christmas cards. I did get a bunch done over the weekend. That was awesome. I have a bunch of my Christmas shopping done. Just not my Christmas Wrapping (not the rap stuff, you don’t want to hear me freestyle it.) That is tremendous as well.

However the two great joys of the week…. Sunday I gave blood for the first time. I did my research, I went over to the school auditorium. I sat down and began the process. It wasn’t to bad. I looked at the conditions and answered the electronic questions. I was asked by the machine if I ever took beef insulin. I said no and that was it. Nothing else. I went and they did the prelim screening, one of things done was an iron in the blood check. That hurt like a bitch. No other way to say it. They take a lancing device from the dark ages and hit your finger. You would think me being a daily lancer I would be able to brush it off… Not so much. It hurt like a mother. My finger is still sore…. Granted they did take a lot of blood from there, it still was not nice. I finally wandered over to be drained. That wasn’t to bad. I sat, I watched, I finished, and I drank and rewarded myself with a donut. WOOO! That was tremendous and if nothing else, I will now know my blood type.

The other tremendous thing for the week was I received word that my closing for a timeshare was going through without a hitch and I should be expecting paperwork soon. The great thing about that is, now when I need to travel to Florida for FFL or other events to see my friends. I have a “free’ place to stay, and if I don’t want to see people I can always just go to Disney and have fun. WOOOO! That is so tremendous. Not to mention Christmas is fast approaching!

Merry Christmas and 5 more posts until something else tremendous happens.

Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Fail

I promised myself last night I was going to sit down and just write out all of my Christmas Cards, yes Christmas, not Holiday, Seasonal, or whatever.

Judging by the unopened boxes and annoyance at myself that did not happen. I read a book last night. I finished said book and started another book. #FAIL!!!!

Tremendous Tuesday: Christmas Music

While I have been on a Christmas Music protest until really last week, I am officially over my boycott. That being said I can joyfully spread those songs that will keep popping up on playlist. I have a very random playlist of music and some of these songs are many different ones.

  1. One Last Christmas – Matthew West (Alright, this puppy is gonna make you cry. Sorry)
  2. 12 Days of Christmas – Straight No Chaser

Ya know what. Lazy here. Day off……. You really can go find your own.

Plus, as I truly start looking at this this playlist and the time, effort, embarrassment, heckling I know know I will get. on this one I regret the thought already.

Heck, I did regret it. I am almost tempted to take this whole think down and make fun of myself completely. Because that is who I am.

Sunday Musings

I know creative title. Well some days this is all you can get from me. I can have spurts, I am usually better when someone gives me a topic. But well when it’s just me. I have no promises as to what I can come up with. Point in case (I know it should be a case in point, but there my specialness is attacking even here.), I was thinking about this Holiday season and all of the fun and joyous things that may/could be happening.

I really got excited though when I thought about Christmas Cards, but we will get back to those in a little bit……

Did the suspense kill you?? Do you need a cinnamon cure? How about a piece of Trident, that is all I got, and it’s not cinnamon it’s watermelon, so no cure there either. One of the greatest joys in the world is when I get mail. Not to be confused with if I accidentally typed male, that would be weird. In the past few weeks, I received letters from the DOC, and it made me smile. Jess, has been really awesome with her correspondence, especially right after my grandmother died. It made me smile. Following that there was the letter from Sara and one from Kim as well. (Yes I know I have them mislinked, I mean they can be confusing. They are both successful bloggers, both take weird animal photo’s, and both are not from NJ. So it is easy to confuse them.)

Why yes, it is a hovertank blowing a whole in my address. Weird.

And this I hope is only the beginning. I am excited about the fact that I may be getting cards from some of my friends (not a shameless plug, I swear). It has been so long since I have legitimately have had some excitement for Christmas cards. I mean I usually get the same one’s… Fr. Brian, we are praying for you and love you, thank you for your vocation…. Love, ….. Great, but the cards one gets from friends are a hoot as well as personal. There is so much more to them and I love it. Plus, this year I am looking forward to mailing out some cards. That has been a while coming for me. I slacked last year. If you sent me a card, I sent you a card. That was the only way it worked. This time I am on my game. More or less.

Why though, what’s different? Not a clue, maybe it is the closeness I have with friends who truly understand me. Well, maybe not me, lets be honest here. They understand my thoughts, my frustrations, and put up with my weirdness. If I want to bitch on twitter, someone might catch it and cheer me up. If I have been attacked by lows there are those to make sure I haven’t been completely sidelined by them. If I just want to eat a Unicorn, someone is there to join me…. Cupcake, I mean a cupcake. So getting letters, sending them are a joy again. It makes me happy.

On a sidenote, today was the 3rd Sunday of Advent, which is also known as Gaudete Sunday, which means to rejoice or rejoice always. What a day to think about mail and to celebrate it. To rejoice at the coming of Christ on Christmas. To share that love to others. I love the preparation, I love the season. I love to Muse on Sunday’s.

Peace, Love, and Unicorn Poo!

Wordless Wednesday: VIP

So even with placing my empty box of insulin next to some very important paper. I still can’t seem to remember to refill the prescription….

I may have been a little to creative in this data coverup.

Tremendous Tuesday: What Makes Me Happy

So it is with sadness that I write this post. Not the sadness of loss or despair, but there is some despair out there. My friend George, a.k.a. Ninjabetic retired his You Tube Tuesday Blog postings. Over the past year of reading him he has posted some very interesting videos, bands, and just entertaining things out there on that tube of you. So for me and maybe others there is that void out there of just joyous things that will show up on Tuesday’s.

First of all, I am not trying to replace George. I am not trying to do anything other than bring joy and positivity into the lives of others. So today is what I am hoping something that will catch on with me and with others out there. Tremendous Tuesday. Why tremendous?? Well we have Wordless Wednesday (2 different ones out there), Sara has been Faith Fridaying it for a while. I try that from time to time, it doesn’t always happen. So we have Wordless Wednesday, Faith Friday, obviously Tuesday needs a T name to it. Terrible? No. Trashy…??? No. Tubular (tempted)?? Alas, no. Tepid? NO. Tungsten?? Now I am just being ridiculous. So Tremendous. This is a day to post those moments of wow or awesome or things that just make you smile. Unicorns, Bacon, Cupcakes, monkeys in pink pajamas. Whatever, you wish to post about as long as it is tremendous.

Today, I just say one thing that makes me happy, which makes my day tremendous. I booked my flight last night to fly off sometime in February, to the magic land of Oz (Overland Park), to visit with some of my DOC friends for the weekend. I am happily calling the weekend #febtoberpalooza but the jury is still out on that one. I can’t wait. I am excited. Plus it is my first vacation in a LONG time. So yeah. That is why today is a tremendous Tuesday.

I was not paid to disclose any of these blogs. I just did. I could have done more work, but I was lazy. I could have listed the friends that I might see, but I didn’t because if I said names and did not link to them I would get yelled at. In fact I am just glad my paragraphs are all separated. There are more Wordless Wednesday’s out there, I was just to lazy to find them. Are you seeing a pattern here. Today is a lazy day, it is my day off. So I am just doing some things that I want to do. I am not going to spend all day looking for the truly awesome worldless’s out there. I am not going to spend all the time doing everything else. In fact I am going to pop on Elf and take a nap on the one day I have to myself. (end paragraph)…. For those of you who read my disclaimer…. Wow. You too are tremendous.

The number 5 AGAIN

Yeah I know this looks just like yesterday’s blog post. Heck, even the title is somewhat close. Sue me or something like that. I am just going into explanations that a Wordless Wednesday shouldn’t include. I think for me it’s pretty good. Normally, I am not so wordless.

The first 5 was easy, my being 5 minutes early to the endo. No explanation needed. Well I hope not at least.

The 55 was apparently my glucose level at the time of taking my blood work last Tuesday. “Brian, did you realize your BG was 55 at the time of blood work?” “I knew I was lower than I wanted to be, but I had tested at 73.” “Are you normally low like this in the morning?” “I am usually pretty consistent with my numbers in the morning. But I had ice cream last night, have you ever successfully figured that out?? I think this was pretty good for me.” (I had ice cream again last night, woke up to a BG of 67, I think I need to adjust my temp. basal slightly). “But Doctor K, I was prepared for the ‘low’ and I did have something before I departed and drove home.” “Ok.”

5.5, that was my a1c, down from last times 5.6. Well, it looks good to me. She sees my graph from my Dexcom. That graph is on my other computer, if I remember to, I will post that picture. It is basically a straight line.

“Well this all looks good, I mean with an a1c of 5.5, some people would be worried about being hypo and everything, but you have the #cgm on all the time?” “Yeah, and it catches my drops and I catch most of them pretty quick.” “Okay, well keep up the good work. I wish more of my patients were like this.” That comment scared me, not that people don’t have my numbers, because this has taken lots of work and time to sort out and I am still working on it. I just wondered about what else she ends up seeing, if she sees Young Adults like myself, elderly people, type 1, type 2, LADA…. What she sees on a daily basis and what their numbers are. Made me wonder if there was more I could or should be offering to her as a patient to help some of her other patients, who maybe are having difficulties. I really need to talk about the DOC to her one day.

We continue the exam, I timidly step on the scale. I dropped 2 pounds. Which is great, since I am slowly getting back on track with an exercise routine. Everything else was fine, no swollen ankles, she did not comment on my ripped up feet (my cleats rubbed the skin from the bottom of my feet and they were all blistered and stuff.) “Need any ‘scrips?” “I know I am going to need to refill my Novolog, but that is done electronically.” “Have you been to the eye doctor?” “No, I keep meaning to do something about that I’m sorry.” “Well at least I get to ‘yell’ at you for something.” “Fine, fine, I promise I will do my best before my next appointment.” “That’s all I ask.”

After that I left, I went shopping, I wandered and had fun. I had so much free time and some of the stores by my endo. were not yet open, which annoyed me. Who the hell books an appointment on their day off at 8:30 in the morning?? This guy. Next time, it’s at 10:00. Much smarter of me.