Sunday Musings

I know creative title. Well some days this is all you can get from me. I can have spurts, I am usually better when someone gives me a topic. But well when it’s just me. I have no promises as to what I can come up with. Point in case (I know it should be a case in point, but there my specialness is attacking even here.), I was thinking about this Holiday season and all of the fun and joyous things that may/could be happening.

I really got excited though when I thought about Christmas Cards, but we will get back to those in a little bit……

Did the suspense kill you?? Do you need a cinnamon cure? How about a piece of Trident, that is all I got, and it’s not cinnamon it’s watermelon, so no cure there either. One of the greatest joys in the world is when I get mail. Not to be confused with if I accidentally typed male, that would be weird. In the past few weeks, I received letters from the DOC, and it made me smile. Jess, has been really awesome with her correspondence, especially right after my grandmother died. It made me smile. Following that there was the letter from Sara and one from Kim as well. (Yes I know I have them mislinked, I mean they can be confusing. They are both successful bloggers, both take weird animal photo’s, and both are not from NJ. So it is easy to confuse them.)

Why yes, it is a hovertank blowing a whole in my address. Weird.

And this I hope is only the beginning. I am excited about the fact that I may be getting cards from some of my friends (not a shameless plug, I swear). It has been so long since I have legitimately have had some excitement for Christmas cards. I mean I usually get the same one’s… Fr. Brian, we are praying for you and love you, thank you for your vocation…. Love, ….. Great, but the cards one gets from friends are a hoot as well as personal. There is so much more to them and I love it. Plus, this year I am looking forward to mailing out some cards. That has been a while coming for me. I slacked last year. If you sent me a card, I sent you a card. That was the only way it worked. This time I am on my game. More or less.

Why though, what’s different? Not a clue, maybe it is the closeness I have with friends who truly understand me. Well, maybe not me, lets be honest here. They understand my thoughts, my frustrations, and put up with my weirdness. If I want to bitch on twitter, someone might catch it and cheer me up. If I have been attacked by lows there are those to make sure I haven’t been completely sidelined by them. If I just want to eat a Unicorn, someone is there to join me…. Cupcake, I mean a cupcake. So getting letters, sending them are a joy again. It makes me happy.

On a sidenote, today was the 3rd Sunday of Advent, which is also known as Gaudete Sunday, which means to rejoice or rejoice always. What a day to think about mail and to celebrate it. To rejoice at the coming of Christ on Christmas. To share that love to others. I love the preparation, I love the season. I love to Muse on Sunday’s.

Peace, Love, and Unicorn Poo!


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