Hypothetically Speaking of course…

We all know how this game works, when we do something unique and aren’t sure we want to own up to a mistake that was made, we ask the question, starting with “Hypothetically speaking.” The great thing about this is, while people are aware that the situation is not hypothetical at all, we have plausible deniability until the day we die.

The other day, I had to ask a “hypothetical question” to two people within the DOC. The thing I love about this, while we can surf pages and and ask for hints and tips in regards to CGM’s, pumps, tech, adhesion to skin, suggestions for dosing tips, etc. There are situations that arise that only very slightly have to do with diabetes as a whole. Yet with the amount of people out there and the friends made we can always source the DOC and get those answers.

A few weeks back I happily posted a picture of the 5lb bag of bears that are gummi, because I now have low supplies that I can enjoy at times. There might be worms as well…


So these amazing low snacks are the cuprits of this story. Obviously, or I wouldn’t be talking about them. Hypothetically speaking of course, if you are low at night and eat these bears of goodness, one needs to remember to make sure all of the bears make it into ones mouth. Because otherwise, there is the distinct possibility that one could drop one onto the sheets and fall asleep on the bear and melt it into ones newly purchased sheets.

After some cursing on my behalf I was able to get most of the melted bear out of the sheets and only have some residual melt.


While I had ideas on how to handle the rest of the situation, I figured I would move beyond my working knowledge of keeping things clean and source out to people who may know more in the DOC. Because of what was in the sheets, I sent two hypothetical questions out to my friends figuring one of the would have the solution. Karen, who is as OCD as I am about cleanliness #ripsoapdish and Meri, who with three boys with type-1, had to have run into a similar experience at least once.

So each person was given the same question and this is what I got:


Karen’s thoughts were pretty much in line with the direction that I was going. Meri offered different only slightly judgmental help.


Needless to say, I went with someone who had hypothetically had personal experience in the matter.


Goo Gone saved the sheet.

But this goes to show, how great the DOC can be, thy can support you emotionally and mentally, they can troubleshoot problems you are having, and sometimes they can help you do the laundry as well.

If you made it this far, I commend you, if not I know where you live.


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