If Only…

Each day with diabetes is usually a different “If Only”. Some days, such as this morning it was “If only I did not each that ice cream covered in melted peanut buttery goodness.” While I managed it fine, the PB kicks in at around 6:00 which makes my wake up weird. One morning three weeks ago it was, “If only the insurance company would have had my account coded properly to get the correct co-pay for my test strips.” I am sure each of us has at least one passing moment of “If Only”.

For each person living with type-1 the “If Only’s” will vary. Just as if you are a caregiver for someone with type-1 the “If Only” will be different.

With the news and announcement of the Dexcom G6 system, my mind goes back to the most prominent “If Only” that crops up for me in regards to tech. While there is the entire closed loop system, that is often in my mind, my most current thing circles around the use of the Dexcom system on both iPhone and Apple Watch. Having all of this access is great, but I keep hoping the limitations get fixed. The biggest “complaint” I have with my Dexcom and the one I keep trying to get an answer to or get a “it’s in the works to” stems from the control of the app. As it is with the Dexcom receiver if an alarm goes off High/Low you need to push buttons to silence the receiver. On the phone, I fell it is a little harder to make the alarms go away subtly.

You need to pull the phone out, unlock the phone, open the app…. You know the drill. The watch you can hit dismiss, as much as you want until you open the app on your phone it’s still going to buzz High/Low on your wrist. Sometimes it is not as easy to do things unobtrusively.


My line of work has people staring at me for hours on end. We tell people to turn off their cell phones or silence them. It would be very inappropriate for me to whip my phone out during a mass to silence an alarm. (Mind you phone is always on silence and usually as it is the morning, they are the High alerts post breakfast). But I would still like that control and the ability to use my watch as it was hinted at all this time ago. Maybe you know more, maybe you know if this is coming soon to a wrist near you. But truly my current “If Only” is, “If only I had more control of my Dexcom from my watch.”


5 thoughts on “If Only…

  1. since I only have the app on my iphone this drives me NUTS!!!! to the point where I’ve thrown my precious phone across the room because I just turned the alarm off 10 million times.

  2. Ugh! I have been hoping to upgrade to the Dexcom 6 so I can use my phone, but after these comments I’m having second thoughts! (I am also using Animas Vibe–will have to change that soon)

    • There are positives and negatives for all of this stuff. The updates are coming through fast. Your best option is to use what works for you. But also observe and look for the good and bad.

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