Wordless Wednesday: Tangled

Precursor to tomorrow

I shoulda known

Shoulda Known
I shoulda known something was wrong early on.
Thanks to an error my Dexcom was gone.
I shoulda known when I saw the tested 48,
but just said great.

I shoulda eaten this I know,
yet I was playing Castleville and needed my crops to grow.
I shoulda held to that axiom near,
Tweet than treat, now be good my dear.
I ignored you and laughed at you,
gosh golly, I must have bored you. (oh do I abhor you)
So what happen my friend,
now lets not pretend.
You kicked my ass as I was praying,
scared my secretary, that’s all I am saying.
Ambulance called, what could she do?
Give me OJ and a cookie too.
I hate you dear friend, you drive me crazy.
Go out, get a job, stop being lazy.
We’re done, we’re through, I need a break.
Even if it just means eating some cake. 
I vent and complain and say woe is me,
why can’t I be Billy Corgin, one happy Corgi??
(So that was yesterday’s adventure. I am fine and good. Just annoyed and pissed more than anything else. I figured out what I did wrong. I changed my yogurt brands and bolused for 50 grams of carbs and not the 29 I actually ate for lunch. It caught up with me, due in part to a dead sensor and being in the new sensor started phase. Sigh. It’s my own darn fault. Lesson learned. Some days I just give up and roll my eyes. Plus look at Corgi pics in jealousy.)

Wordless Wednesday: $200

Trunk full of groceries and Jess the Diet Pepsi is under the Sprite Zero.

2 Bottles of Insulin
2 Boxes of Test Strips

All cost just about the same and all things that I need to live. Weird.


So yesterday my Blog turned a year old. It’s aging is in the midst of so many different birthdays. Martin, Kerri, Amanda, and crap I know I am forgetting someone….. Oh wait of course Sara. So Happy Birthday to you all.

Ok, now that, that is done I can move on to me. ‘Cause well that’s what this blog is about Me and D not to be confused with ME and D. I digress again. I have been busy playing ketchup and mustard with my work since I was off for over a week and some days. I was just so busy I never actually had much time to myself yesterday. Hell there was no normal Thursday nap. How sad is that?? Well to celebrate my blogs birthday I thought it would be good to give you some highlights of what you may have missed over the past year as you are now just tuning into me or having only recently found me. There is no top ten, since everything I write is gold (was tempted to say everything I right is gold to prove irony….)

1.) My own Soap Opera
2.) What Blue (my pump) isn’t
3.) 10 things I hate about D
4.) Early on Tubing issues
5.) Food issues or something ( I really just like the stick figure I drew w/pump)
6.) Not all things deal with D
7.) Why we don’t use melty stuff to treat lows in the summer
8.) Of course why I hate/dislike the DOC
9.) Embarrassing CGM moments
10.) I forgot I rewrote songs at one point (maybe again)

So there we go a non top list of ten things I found entertaining when I reread my writings. Good links and all of them work. However in blog if I linked to myself the link will fail thanks to my rebranding. Yeah, I am like a McD’s or Dunkin or something, I have rebranded and somewhat renamed my blog, e-mail, and twitter. People still get lost and for that I am somewhat sorry. Hey I am being honest here. Now to design some bitch ass business cards!!!! Maybe if I get stuck I will pay Kimpants in Bacon or Corgi pics/videos to design me a logo or something.

To think last year I would have just been starting a blog and not knowing what I know now. Knowing who I know now. Knowing how to make paragraph’s properly too… How the year has changed. Thanks for reading.


Tremendous Tuesday: Revelations of a sort

So today is a great day. It is a tremendous day. WHY? Well I am still on vacation. Well technically I am on my day off, but it is still a vacation nonetheless. So I enjoyed that. I went to the movies, I slept in, and I am about to rearrange my bedroom. All in all it is a good day. But this has been a great week. Other than some weird ass lows, which I am fine with.

Some of you may know I ventured off to the land of not oz to see some friends over the course of the weekend. It was a mini palooza, a #febtoberpalooza. I had a chance to crash at Jess and Josh’s house. I spent the weekend with Jacquie and Bob, Bob, Amanda, Sara, Kim, Barbara and John, Scott, C, and Charli. (If I forgot you, I apologize, just so many people.) We had so much fun. So much that I did not take any pictures with my phone or camera. Well I did, but nothing all that great. Stalk Sara for some amazing pictures. It was just a relaxing weekend.

The food was great, thanks Bob, the sleeping arrangements were great and entertaining. The friendship, the talking was fun. We spent Saturday at a JDRF Retreat type day which was fun as well. While the D was there and often, it wasn’t an IN YOUR FACE sorta thing. It was just nice to know that people were around and understood things. They understood the various beeps, alarms, and such going on throughout the weekend. You knew the high alert, the low alert, the low vibrate, etc… and they let you do what needed to be done. I think that was half the fun.

However, the only sad thing about the weekend other than it ending, which was really sad. Was an incident on Saturday night. (It’s really not sad, and I am about to throw Sara under the bus, just a head’s up to you all, especially Sara who reads my blog in fear of me taking her name in vain). We were hanging at Jess’s place and it was lateish. Jess, Kim, Josh, Sara, and myself. I had a feeling a low was coming up, two tests of 38 proved it, so I was treating. However, when we go low our brains slow down a bit, or in my case the little guy in my head who usually edits my words for embarrassing slips. I really hate it when he goes on hiatus.

So anyway, we were in the entire that’s what she said frame of mind so I started to tell a story. In doing so, I accidentally revealed an old nickname. One I will ignore if someone calls me it. The name is long past its due. However, someone would not let it go, still won’t let it go. I truly feel that “What is said in a low remains in a low.” While everyone else agreed a certain someone is holding onto this little tidbit, hanging it over my head as if I am truly afraid of her revealing the name.

Yes, Sara you do. However, that name was long ago, it was a two year thing. It wasn’t my fault. Well it was, but it wasn’t. I just dealt with it and moved on. So instead of this threat hanging over my head, while I trust the rest to forget anything and everything, someone is all about trying to have power over me and trying to cow me (you’ll get the joke in a minute) into submission with this threat. So yes, I have an old nickname. We all do. Are they embarrassing to us now? F-yeah, but oh well. So here is goes. I was once known as Beef as in cattle or cows… get the reference above now??

Anyway, now that is off the table other things make sense. If you look at Sara’s blog from the weekend. You will see a picture of me in the fetal position on my bed, laughing, crying, hiding. Why? Because that is what the entire weekend was about. It was just fun.

It was so great seeing you all there. I had a blast, the bowling was awesome. The ice cream was great. The snow was entertaining. All in all, it was well worth the cost of airfare to go to Kansas City. The best part is, I know I will be seeing many of my friends again soon and that I have friends for life….


*Disclaimer* I paid for the airfare of this flight nobody asked me to blog about it. I was well aware of all of the implications a visit with these crazies might bring about and reveal. So I blame no one but myself.

As a side note, I apologize for any confusion the small changes in my blog address and twitter handle may have on you. If you had any links to my various blogs they are all now dead. My bad. I figured only the new posts would keep the same address. I was wrong. So yeah, if you had any important links to my blog you may want to correct them to the new address beginning of notmycell.blogspot.com otherwise you will have all dead links. MY BAD. Butt cheeks to you all

Change is in the air!

Change is in the air over here at my little blogging area. It’s not a big change, it is a more concise change to fit my decision to amend things and make it easier for people (me) to be able to remember my blog address and the like. I figure as I come upon my blog’s birthday, I would go through all of the pomp and circumstance of changing things slightly.

If your reader directs you here or you don’t normally click on the link for my blog I am letting you know I have slightly changed the domain name. I am now playing simply as http://www.notmycell.blogspot.com (I dropped the phone and I don’t mean into the toilet. Thankfully I have not done that yet.) I have also slightly modified the title of my blog. I was tempted to drop the (Buzz, buzz) part but the title just looked off without out it. So I guess that is going to stay for now. I have changed my twitter handle too, this may confuse people. Not naming names, so that someone does not have to fear reading my blog searching for teasing or innuendos aimed at her….. (@notmycell)

Other changes may be coming about eventually as well. I am not sure, but I figured I would warn you to be prepared for this. Hope you all have a great day. Stay outta trouble. Watch out for pooping geese. PEACE!