Best of the ‘Betes Blog – August 2013

I know many of you were sitting in eager anticipation of those who have been selected as the Best ‘Betes Blogs for the Month of December. Sadly, you will have to wait a few months for that.

If maybe you are more eager for the best of the month of August, this I can help you out with.

There is a small chance I have been tempted to just keep rambling on as you eagerly sit in anticipation to know who is the “best”. Heck for all I know you have already skipped over to the section in which those selectees have been selected. I guess I can’t stop you. I wish I could. This might be the only chance I have of keeping your attention before you move on to the bigger and better parts of the blogoverse.


(Ouch) Sara just hit me. How the heck did she know I was tormenting people. Dang it. Alright, fine without further delay. Here are this month’s selections chosen by myself. Why were these blogs picked? Well because they are awesome. That and the fact they kept me reading.

Best Use of Humor:

Big Foot Child Have Diabetes – Why? Anyone who titles a Blog “Whoomp” gets mad props in my eyes. Plus anyone who can add levity to serious bit of news is a great writer.

Best Vlog:

While there were no nominations for this category I think we all need visual distractions sometimes.

Best Recipe:

No nominations, but do we really need to pick a better recipe than this one??

Best Use of Photography:

Oh this was a hard one, there were great nominations. However, Rabbit trumps all.

Best Advocacy:

This was a tough choice, there were two great posts that I was waffling on…. (Oh waffles…. One should not write about waffles while hungry) Sorry about that. However, in this case with all of the talk recently about Glucose Meter Test Strip accuracy. This post by Diabetic Dave hits home about certain things and scared me about my own meter.

Best Reference to a D-Celebrity:

I thought the d-celebrity was the writer of this blog post (I just love Scott K. Johnson). However, I am told that the celebrity is actually the Bionic Pancreas. I’ll buy it.

Best Story of a D Meet-up:

While all of the choices to choose were great, I had to lean towards this post, not only because the writer is pretty sweet, but also because she has had the opportunity to ride with the coolest guy ever. I hope to ride with them both one day. Granted it would have to be in my parking lot, since I feel once they hit the road I would be miles behind them for the duration of the ride.

Apparently the cucumbers and salad I had for dinner didn’t play well with my bolus. Need to go find some juice. While I go scrounge for some food, how about we get distracted by some Nugget Hunting. Beware there is some bad language.

Watch out for my ultimate form….

Best non-D related post:

Marie’s post caught my attention from the beginning, even knowing this was something written about the past, still had my heart pumping waiting for the outcome of this post. I loved it.

Best Post by a Type-1:

Alexis’s post is one that made me think a bit. Had I been in the same situation would I have wanted to continue sparring or would I have told the person she was an idiot? I don’t know, but Alexis knew what she was saying or doing and in my mind did the right thing.

Best Post by a LADA/ Type 1.5/ Not otherwise specified:

Nominations for this category were sparse, so I will nominate this entertaining bathroom sign.Sunday2

Best Post by a Type-2:

Sometimes we think we are right and will argue it until we are blue in the face. Sometimes we miss the original question and try to take things our way. Sometimes we need to be reminded our way is not the only way. Congrats to Running Without Sugar for a great reminder.

Best Post by a Type Awesome:

Knowing Tina made this post even harder to read. More so having to read it a second time for the nominations. This is just one of those posts that as you read you know where it is going and want to stop reading it, but know you need to continue. Tina is not only a great writer, but also a great mother. Mad props to her and all she does for her crazy brood of children and their pancrei.

Best Story of a D-Mistake:

I’ve never read Amina before, however, I feel inclined I need to start reading some of her older posts. Although, her d-mistake post, is one we can and should all learn from.

Best Motivational Post:

Kelley seems like an awesome person. Heck anyone stupid enough to want to do a triathlon is pretty stupid…. Not really, one day I hope to do a triathlon. I already run and bike, just not a great swimmer. More so, the chaffing worries me a bit… WOW that went weird fast. Anyway, this post has me slightly motivated to get my act together and maybe sooner than later go for it.

Best Diabetes Art:

We’ve all had these trips to the pharmacy. Plus the fact that Meri drew all of these pieces of artwork. Pictures are great. Drawn pictures are amazing.

With that being said, my work here is done.

I have read a ton of posts and found the best of the best in my mind, but to be honest with you all of the posts nominated were pretty cool, well except for the one about cinnamon, but well yeah….

Many thanks to those nominated for writing your awesome posts, but also to the nominators as well. Without your suggestions there would be no Best of the ‘Betes Blogs.


Scott E:







Diabetes Mine:


Running Without Sugar:

Diabetic Dave:







Scott J:




Scott S:






And that is that. I think it took me longer to add all the blogs and hyperlinks to this post than it did for me to read and pick my nose my picks. Thank you for sticking with me through this all. More so, make sure you start letting Sara know who your favorite posts are September. I wonder if this post can be nominated…. I don’t think there are any rules against it…. Have a great month and keep nominating.

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