Why do I think I need help??

I don’t think I need help. I am aware I need help and enjoy making others suffer because of it. Not to mention I can at times have a dirty mind. I know shocking surprise to some of you. Yes? No? Maybe? MEH!

So Tuesday at my normal orthodontists appointment Dr. C mentioned that they wanted to use rubber bands to close up parts of my bite. They happily explained the process of what I needed to do. Put she turned to her technician and said “Let’s start him with Dwight.” I kinda blinked and stared at her for a second and might have smirked. She caught the smirk and started to explain to me elastic sizes, blah blah, easier to have names than to say lets start with the medium/light… I got that. Granted my cousins and friends used donkey, rabbit, goat, or animal names for the elastics. Mine was Dwight. So I just said to her “Dwight?” Very much bemused, but her response was priceless. “Yes, we’ll have you put Dwight in your mouth to help you close up your bite.” I may have giggled. She stared at me for a second before realizing what she said and why I was blushing. She blushed too and cracked a smile for a second before wandering away from me.


I warned you I needed help. However in this case, I think it was well worth it. I can tell you things have been going great on the fix the teeth front. I have been happy with the results. My mouth has been uber sore and I hate Dwight in all his tiny glory. I may have shot someone accidentally yesterday and this morning during mass as I has preaching I could hear the rubber band happily making its elasticy noises as I talked.

This is only one of the may reasons as to why I need help. I can list some others, but well that might get people to think I am just dirty minded all the time. That is not the case. I am only dirty minded on days that end in Y and that have vowels in them. So that is not every day, I think.

(It’s funny i wrote this yesterday yet it still took me to lunch time to post this….)