About Me

My name is Brian. I have been blogging for almost two years now, maybe longer, not counting right now. The fact that I am still doing this freaks me out. When I started writing “Not My Cell” I really had no idea what or where I was going with this. So I just started writing stuff. I mean yes the focus is all sorts of diabetes related stuff. Yet, I personally will try to focus on the joy and weirdness of things. I am quirky and sarcastic. That’s just how my writing style comes across, which is fine with me.

I am weird as well. While I do take diabetes seriously, most of the time I try to make my focus not that serious. Why? Well there is enough of that out there for us to deal with either for ourselves or others. So I try to go a different route on things. If you ever have an idea, topic, or something you want to talk to me about or me to write on let me know. I probably will, but on my own terms of course. :-p

To follow me on the twitter: @notmycell

If you are trying to e-mail me: brian at notmycellphone.com

(Updated 6/18/13)


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