Things Blue Ain’t

So, I realize I have failed in my Blogging, for my apparent following of many or not so many. So for the one or two or three of you out there, my bad. I hope for my following to increase at some point. But well it is a process and blah, blah, blah. I know I know, it’ll happen one day. I figured I would contemplate the less obvious things Blue, my replaced pump, ain’t. Just as “ain’t” isn’t a word. Blue is not these things.

Yes, we have our obvious, cell phone, pager, iPod, or anything like that. That at this point, is an obvious duh.

Blue is not a gymnastic mat or what ever we call them, you know those nice cushy things gymnasts can land on when they fall, just ask the nice bruise I am sporting on my upper quad after Monday nights game of ultimate. You know apparently diving to catch the disc and landing and rolling on your side, does not make for a good thing when Blue is in the pocket on that same side. That was a big fail on my part and the cushiness of Blue. Oh, I have used two words now in this post that don’t really exist. Ain’t and Cushiness. Score.

So Blue is also not something we use to close our bathroom door. I figured that out once again last night as I was wandering pack to sleep at 2:00 in the morning when I was answering a very rude nature call. Blue and all of his tubing glory snagged the inside door knob at passing and closed the bathroom door. Fine good I got it. It happens, but really the inside handle. So now I not only need to untangle your tubing for the door know, but I need open the door as well, since you couldn’t tangle on the outside knob. Seriously?!? I mean it’s 2:00 AM, I am not awake. No coffee or anything like that to help me figure out what is going on. Geez.

Speaking of tubing, I blame myself for this and all of my other recent tubing issues. I sport the long set of pump tubing, because my current rotation of infusion sets puts it on my upper arm and well being tall and all, woo a rhyme. I need the longer tubing to get my pump to my belt clip and pocket. So when I move back to my loving handles of infusion set use, I have all of this excess tubing, which does not always remember to go and hide in a pocket or elsewhere. So on my non-arm days I am prone to get lost on something like closing myself in my car, which I did a few weeks ago. Sigh.

Something else that Blue is not, it kinda goes with the gym mat, but Blue is so not Sprinkles the Unicorn or any other stuffed animal. Not fun to sleep with or on at night. I apparently a restless sleeper, good thing I have my bed to myself. But again, in my sleep Blue falls from my jammies and well I sometimes sleep on him. Not that I want a squishy insulin pump but man he hurts sometimes. (Oh and I used Sprinkles above just for Kimmy since I know she loves her some Unicorns and Glitter).

Yeah, I have more things that Blue isn’t but I apparently should be working from time to time, so I must wander back to the real world now.



Sometimes I complain and sometimes I get rewarded

So there are some days when things just go wrong. This morning started out this way. Mind you none of the issues had anything to do in anyway shape or form with being d-related. The day was good until I wandered into the office, my boss was off today, so all the big decisions were resting on my shoulders. And right away many questions came in and I was overwhelmed. Panic stricken. Stressed. I was a wreck. It was stuff I did not want to think about, so I made some calls to get the answers I needed. Eventually crisis averted, the answers were given and I could finally get to my office.
Next issue crops up, this time something I can handle, but as time wore on, becoming more and more time consuming. Phone calls made, answers kinda given, all in all some achievement, but not what I wanted. It is now 2:00. No lunch yet. I spent to much time making calls, burning CD’s for something and outsmarting my computer (it is possible). I ate lunch (cheddar cheese sandwich from toaster oven). Yum!!!!! Day getting better.
Wander back to my office, realizing I had not heard from Dexcom, who I tried to order supplies from last week. I was told, the insurance company could not verify my benefits at the current time as things were updating and changing (weird, but when is insurance not weird). I was sent a sensor to hold me over until things could be resolved. Cell phone rings. “Hello Brian, this is Kim calling from Dexcom. I finally heard back from your insurance company.” In my head, I may have been saying “no whammy, no whammy, no whammy.” It turns out my insurance is now covering the sensors 100% up to $2500 annually as a durable good. So I was covered. As of right now, I had used roughly $350 of my allowance. Okay, do we know if my pump supplies count as durable goods or is that a different category?? Did not get an answer about that, but hey I figured it was worth a shot. So do you still want to order a box? Well yeah, but only one, because I need to figure out if I need to be careful about both pump and sensor supplies at the same time. ‘Cause I will do my best to handle both but the pump is a little more important.
By the way Kim, maybe you can answer me this question. I was going over my credit card bill yesterday, because I balance my checkbook and pay bills and stuff and I noticed a $XXX credit from you on my bill. Why? Oh well, originally you were told you had to meet a $500 deductible and while we verified it from 3 different people last time you ordered sensors, apparently the last refill was under this policy, so yeah you got your money back from your last supply order.  🙂
So, today started out shitty, granted I did not win the iPad 2 at the Tricky Tray I was at tonight, but I get my new sensors Monday, I get money back from my last order, and I get to call my insurance company and figure out what the heck is going on with my stuff… Okay, so two outta three ain’t all that bad.
Today was a good day more or less.

All Quiet on the Western Front

So I have been picking my mind lately about things that I could be talking about. Things that annoy or frustrate. And well, yeah. I got nothing. I have nothing to even begin to think about. I mean, if you read some of the other blogs out there, there is the fiasco with Reader’s Digest, which I get. There are those with the days of lows and high’s that are inexplicably frustrating and confusing, there are just the normal day to day issues of well being us. Person’s living with Type-1 diabetes. I get it, I have my own things.
I have been getting no hitters with Beepy McBeeperson II, but I have been flatlined at like 65 and while I might peak for like 30 minutes. I end up back at 65 or so. That is great, good, and annoying. I get it, I try to fix it, and I move on. That’s my style.
I am working my butt off trying to do things for work and life, and surviving. As Easter and Holy Week approach, more and more stuff keeps showing up. The thing is, I just move on with my day. There is nothing else to do. I was playing Ultimate on Monday night, my team was debating on playing shirts vs. skins. Frankly, when me a 29 year is out there playing the game with a bunch of more in shape college kids, I would be hesitant to take my shirt off, no six pack to show off right now. But well you know that entire Insulin Pump attached to me thing, well that just screams, rip me off. So yeah, I laughed and told them No. But I kept playing anyway. I don’t let these things bother me.
Yesterday, was my one day off a week, and I took it for myself. I said no to any request of me and had fun. I hid at my parents house. I did some errands. I bought pizza and went and celebrated my Grandma’s 88th birthday with her. I went to the movies. It was a good day.
I saw the movie Soul Surfer. 

I enjoyed it. I laughed. I cried. I saw the tale of a young girl overcome the odds of losing an arm to a shark attack. To getting up. Wiping herself off and continuing with her dream. Sure she had ups. Sure she had downs. But she continued on with life. She had her faith, her family and friends to support her, and her will to not give up. What else is there?
In any adversity, in any troubles there should and hopefully will always be there for us. What more can we ask for? I don’t know. I just know I am happy, content, and glad to have so many gifts given to me. Why should I be stressed out over small things sometimes?? 
Oh and I am thinking of ending my posts with corny jokes from time to time. Kinda like a Laffy Taffy without the carbs. 
What begins with f and ends with uck??? Firetruck!!!! Hahaha.

The joys of TV

Last night, my boss and I were watching the idiot box. While we have many different interests alone, when we watch TV together we tend to stray toward “safe” TV shows. You know, those that don’t offend either of our tastes and ones that can keep us entertained. Last night we stumbled upon chopped all stars on food network. The scenario basically pits four chefs against each other and a random basket of food ingredients. The chef’s have to create a meal using the ingredients in the basket and see what magical tasty recipe they can come up with.
So last night we stumble into the end of the dinner competition and start watching the dessert cook off. As the dessert portion of the episode begins the one celebrity chef Anne Burrell mentions the charity she is competing for. Anne, is trying to raise $50,000 for the JDRF and in my mind while here crazy hair freaks me out. I mean how much gel does she use….

She just went up like a million stars in my book, or at least 50,000…. So anyway, Anne and her hair are doing this, because she mentions she has a nephew who was diagnosed and such. So now I am watching this episode intently as they continue on through the episode. At this point, they open the basket and pull out root beer jelly beans, lady fingers, and I am blanking on the herb that tastes like licorice. So the two remaining chefs are whisking their way through the desserts and such. And again something about Anne’s charity is said, and my boss makes a crack (mind you no ill intent was intended) and says “I wonder if she will ask her nephew to sample the dessert.” And I just started laughing. I have no idea why, I don’t know if it was the irony of the comment or my being tired, I just started to laugh my butt off.
I mean, my boss knows I am a person who has type-1 diabetes. Thankfully I have yet to have any major issues with lows and such, thank you Blue and Beepy McBeeperson II. But the irony of the comment was just to much. The only thing that would have made the episode better is if the dessert Anne made featured glitter and unicorns.