Things Blue Ain’t

So, I realize I have failed in my Blogging, for my apparent following of many or not so many. So for the one or two or three of you out there, my bad. I hope for my following to increase at some point. But well it is a process and blah, blah, blah. I know I know, it’ll happen one day. I figured I would contemplate the less obvious things Blue, my replaced pump, ain’t. Just as “ain’t” isn’t a word. Blue is not these things.

Yes, we have our obvious, cell phone, pager, iPod, or anything like that. That at this point, is an obvious duh.

Blue is not a gymnastic mat or what ever we call them, you know those nice cushy things gymnasts can land on when they fall, just ask the nice bruise I am sporting on my upper quad after Monday nights game of ultimate. You know apparently diving to catch the disc and landing and rolling on your side, does not make for a good thing when Blue is in the pocket on that same side. That was a big fail on my part and the cushiness of Blue. Oh, I have used two words now in this post that don’t really exist. Ain’t and Cushiness. Score.

So Blue is also not something we use to close our bathroom door. I figured that out once again last night as I was wandering pack to sleep at 2:00 in the morning when I was answering a very rude nature call. Blue and all of his tubing glory snagged the inside door knob at passing and closed the bathroom door. Fine good I got it. It happens, but really the inside handle. So now I not only need to untangle your tubing for the door know, but I need open the door as well, since you couldn’t tangle on the outside knob. Seriously?!? I mean it’s 2:00 AM, I am not awake. No coffee or anything like that to help me figure out what is going on. Geez.

Speaking of tubing, I blame myself for this and all of my other recent tubing issues. I sport the long set of pump tubing, because my current rotation of infusion sets puts it on my upper arm and well being tall and all, woo a rhyme. I need the longer tubing to get my pump to my belt clip and pocket. So when I move back to my loving handles of infusion set use, I have all of this excess tubing, which does not always remember to go and hide in a pocket or elsewhere. So on my non-arm days I am prone to get lost on something like closing myself in my car, which I did a few weeks ago. Sigh.

Something else that Blue is not, it kinda goes with the gym mat, but Blue is so not Sprinkles the Unicorn or any other stuffed animal. Not fun to sleep with or on at night. I apparently a restless sleeper, good thing I have my bed to myself. But again, in my sleep Blue falls from my jammies and well I sometimes sleep on him. Not that I want a squishy insulin pump but man he hurts sometimes. (Oh and I used Sprinkles above just for Kimmy since I know she loves her some Unicorns and Glitter).

Yeah, I have more things that Blue isn’t but I apparently should be working from time to time, so I must wander back to the real world now.



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