The hypo thinker

There are many conversations/discussions about the negative unplanned/random/annoying attacks of the hypo. I mean, going hypo while driving, not good. Sleeping, not good. Well in general the hypoglycemia attack is never a good thing. However, last week, while I was stressing about so many different things, I realized I was slipping low.
Beepy McBeeperson, had yet to warn me, but I knew it was coming. So I did a check and sure enough I was at 77 with that straight down arrow showing up on the Dexcom. The thing was, here I am sitting on my bed and I really did not care that I was going low, (which is a sign that I need to do something). When I get very lackadaisical like that, I know I am going to need to do something, before I black out. The thing is, right at that moment, I also had a huge moment of clarity. Have you ever run into that in your lows?
I wonder if it is due to a lack of sugar affecting the brain, but the stress that I was feeling was gone, the annoyance, gone. And I was able to look at everything that I was bothering me and in a more rational response, come up with a good clear solution. There were no emotions in the way. It was just a clear perspective. I was really amazed. I mean, I know I should be saying don’t try this at home, but for me it was unplanned. But I realized that this has happened before.
There have been many occasions, more than I would like to readily admit that this is happened. Yet, I realized that while obviously the entire no desire to eat or correct the problem is a bad thing. This time it was a “nice” hypo. Because at least in my mind, I had achieved a relaxation that I had been missing for some time. It was a shame though, that it was due to a low.
One warning though. While for me, I was able to clear my head and come up with answers to my problems, I really need to remember to write those ideas down. Because, one issue with going low is moments of forgetfulness such as to what some of those insights were… Sigh. It was good while it lasted though.


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