Sometimes I complain and sometimes I get rewarded

So there are some days when things just go wrong. This morning started out this way. Mind you none of the issues had anything to do in anyway shape or form with being d-related. The day was good until I wandered into the office, my boss was off today, so all the big decisions were resting on my shoulders. And right away many questions came in and I was overwhelmed. Panic stricken. Stressed. I was a wreck. It was stuff I did not want to think about, so I made some calls to get the answers I needed. Eventually crisis averted, the answers were given and I could finally get to my office.
Next issue crops up, this time something I can handle, but as time wore on, becoming more and more time consuming. Phone calls made, answers kinda given, all in all some achievement, but not what I wanted. It is now 2:00. No lunch yet. I spent to much time making calls, burning CD’s for something and outsmarting my computer (it is possible). I ate lunch (cheddar cheese sandwich from toaster oven). Yum!!!!! Day getting better.
Wander back to my office, realizing I had not heard from Dexcom, who I tried to order supplies from last week. I was told, the insurance company could not verify my benefits at the current time as things were updating and changing (weird, but when is insurance not weird). I was sent a sensor to hold me over until things could be resolved. Cell phone rings. “Hello Brian, this is Kim calling from Dexcom. I finally heard back from your insurance company.” In my head, I may have been saying “no whammy, no whammy, no whammy.” It turns out my insurance is now covering the sensors 100% up to $2500 annually as a durable good. So I was covered. As of right now, I had used roughly $350 of my allowance. Okay, do we know if my pump supplies count as durable goods or is that a different category?? Did not get an answer about that, but hey I figured it was worth a shot. So do you still want to order a box? Well yeah, but only one, because I need to figure out if I need to be careful about both pump and sensor supplies at the same time. ‘Cause I will do my best to handle both but the pump is a little more important.
By the way Kim, maybe you can answer me this question. I was going over my credit card bill yesterday, because I balance my checkbook and pay bills and stuff and I noticed a $XXX credit from you on my bill. Why? Oh well, originally you were told you had to meet a $500 deductible and while we verified it from 3 different people last time you ordered sensors, apparently the last refill was under this policy, so yeah you got your money back from your last supply order.  🙂
So, today started out shitty, granted I did not win the iPad 2 at the Tricky Tray I was at tonight, but I get my new sensors Monday, I get money back from my last order, and I get to call my insurance company and figure out what the heck is going on with my stuff… Okay, so two outta three ain’t all that bad.
Today was a good day more or less.


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