The joys of TV

Last night, my boss and I were watching the idiot box. While we have many different interests alone, when we watch TV together we tend to stray toward “safe” TV shows. You know, those that don’t offend either of our tastes and ones that can keep us entertained. Last night we stumbled upon chopped all stars on food network. The scenario basically pits four chefs against each other and a random basket of food ingredients. The chef’s have to create a meal using the ingredients in the basket and see what magical tasty recipe they can come up with.
So last night we stumble into the end of the dinner competition and start watching the dessert cook off. As the dessert portion of the episode begins the one celebrity chef Anne Burrell mentions the charity she is competing for. Anne, is trying to raise $50,000 for the JDRF and in my mind while here crazy hair freaks me out. I mean how much gel does she use….

She just went up like a million stars in my book, or at least 50,000…. So anyway, Anne and her hair are doing this, because she mentions she has a nephew who was diagnosed and such. So now I am watching this episode intently as they continue on through the episode. At this point, they open the basket and pull out root beer jelly beans, lady fingers, and I am blanking on the herb that tastes like licorice. So the two remaining chefs are whisking their way through the desserts and such. And again something about Anne’s charity is said, and my boss makes a crack (mind you no ill intent was intended) and says “I wonder if she will ask her nephew to sample the dessert.” And I just started laughing. I have no idea why, I don’t know if it was the irony of the comment or my being tired, I just started to laugh my butt off.
I mean, my boss knows I am a person who has type-1 diabetes. Thankfully I have yet to have any major issues with lows and such, thank you Blue and Beepy McBeeperson II. But the irony of the comment was just to much. The only thing that would have made the episode better is if the dessert Anne made featured glitter and unicorns.


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