So I must be….

I have come to the conclusion in the past two weeks I am a black hole of breaking all things that keep me going. First there was the pump malfunction, which has been remedied. However, the return process is still a work in progress. I got an automated call on Saturday telling me they had yet to receive my pump, granted the message was cut off since it was automated and I had no idea who it was from. And they called again yesterday while I was out, saying they would bill me if they don’t get my pump in 7 days. Yet the tracking number says it was received on the 22nd or whatever. So That is a 9:00 phone call.

My hearing aid is malfucktioning, but I will handle that eventually.

In the past month my laptop has been in the shop three times to get something fixed.

And Saturday, in the middle of a retreat Beepy gave a death knell like never before. The poor guy isn’t even a year old, and a replacement for number one who fell into a pond with me. (that’s a good story). So I get back to my room around11:00 and start going through my books and the error code tells me it’s the receiver and I need to call support. So I do. The line says you have reached 24 hour tech support. If this is an emergency or serious issue, press 1. So I think about it, and well not a my sensor is stuck to me and smoking, I think this falls under the issue of emergency, not like the time is wrong on my unit. So I get patched through to dispatch. Who puts me in touch with their rep. Well I guess they farm out their support over the weekends, cause I definitely woke this poor lady up.

I truly did feel bad, but alas what else was I to do. I mean the thing recovered once, and now it was gone. So she was nice enough even though I could tell she was annoyed, but hey she gets the money for this. Anyway, they are happily shipping me out a replacement for this guy, and I hope to have better luck. But seriously, the only thing I haven’t broken in the past few weeks is my meter and a bottle of insulin….


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