No longer grumpy

So last night I was annoyed when I posted about things that annoy, oddly enough. So while Kimface is allowing me to justify my annoyance I still feel out of sorts. I mean I am over it, that is one good thing I get annoyed and I move on. It’s so much easier that way. Why get bent out of shape over nothing, well not nothing, but you know what I mean?
However, I am going to continue with my theme of things that annoy. Granted these are a lot more frivolous and all, but still as long as I am clearing the air I might as well fully.

My first topic: Girl Scout Cookies
Okay, fine I understand its a fundraiser, but the cookies are so good, can’t you sell them twice a year, I’d buy them?
How in a parish w/ school and girl scout troops, did not one person try to sell me cookies, nor have we sold them after masses?
Why can a package of Thin Mints have umpteen billion cookies, yet my yummy Samoa’s or Carmel Delite’s (depending on sales area) have only like 12 cookies in it?
Why do I need to look at the carbs before I eat them, cause then I look at the calories and get really depressed, but hell with it, I only get them once a year.
Which brings me back to my first question, why can I only get them once a year??

Number two: Coffee
I have never been a big hot coffee drinker, in my mind it tastes disgusting, but when it is iced I venture out and drink it, for some reason it tastes better. For better or worse in the morning I can’t go running for Iced Coffee, cause I like my bed. So I have found some hot coffee flavors for the Keurig that I like. Yet apparently I can only find the flavors for a limited time?!?!! Really a limited time? ‘Cause I think it is all a ploy. Sigh, I seem to be having issues with limited time stuff today.

Number three: Driving
This is a biggie, it is not driving in particular, but more so drivers. I run so when I do I watch people when they drive, not to mention being a cautious and “safe” driver I also keep an eye on cars when I drive. I wonder, do people realize how silly some of them look while driving, arguing on a cell phone with someone, putting on their make up, fiddling with an iPod, or just singing. ‘Cause I can see into your car just like you can see out of it and frankly my dear you look like an idiot. Not to mention when you are driving along, illegally talking on your cell phone in the middle lane almost cutting me off, yes I am talking to you the idiot in the Jeep Liberty. I mean come on, at least pay attention. And texters…. well I will hold my tongue on that one, I don’t text while I drive either my friends or my Pancreas.

Number four: Insulin and Cartridges
This one is a little odd, but I could not figure out a good title for this one. I do my best with my insulin to always fill the 200U into the cartridge of my pump. Over the course of three days, do I actually go through 200U of insulin?? Nope, unless I have a few lapses in judgement with things that have peanut butter and chocolate in them…. Which I am now craving. Anyway, why is it that I can never fill my reservoir up to a full 200U? The closest I have ever gotten was once I hit 195U but never a full reservoir. It annoys the snot out of me, not in a bad way or I would end up going through alot of tissues (insert cymbal and drum crash here), but if nothing else I would always be able to run out of insulin in a bottle at the same time as fill the reservoir. Instead of getting either only a small amount out or up to an additional 50U before having to open a new bottle. So now everything is out of sorts. I am very OCD about things and this drives me nuts.
Have any of you actually ever gotten your Ping to read 200U?? If so how? I have tried filling the reservoir over night and tapping the air out in the morning and filling a little more, I have tried drawing and redrawing insulin and yet no luck. Or am I just being a total nut? Well, yes but still…


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