Things that annoy

Today, is just a day of things that truly annoy me. Not just d-related, because in the grand scheme of things sometimes people are just clueless about certain things. Just as I am clueless at times about other things.
(Back story, cause you need it)A few years back, like 10 I had ear surgery to fix a problem from an ear infection gone bad. The surgeon while nice, was a little arrogant and well after two failed attempts I gave up on the entire surgery to fix my hearing. The first attempt to replace the deteriorating inner ear bone was a big no go, because the doctor opted to use the “cheaper” prosthesis. This apparently fell over and did me no good. So we decided to go in for a second shot, this time though, while I don’t blame the surgeon, the doctor cut the prosthesis just a shy to short, so while it is not falling over the vibrating timpanic membrane was not hitting it enough to fully convey the sound. After the second consultation, where the surgeon was a bit rude in my opinion I said f-it and would just deal with things via hearing aid. This I have been doing for sometime now.
Now in the present day, my hearing aid is failing and frankly if I am going to be shelling out $3,000 for a new one since insurance doesn’t cover it, why not look into a different surgeon and see if maybe he can fix the problem permanently and not have to worry about this problem again. So my dad and I went to access my past medical records file he has of me and can’t seem to find anything about the ENT i had visited back in the day. We looked at the phone book for the town he was in and we have not been able to find any names that sound familiar. (sigh)
Yesterday, I had a brilliant idea, why not call the hospital and see if they have records from when I was in for my surgery, or even maybe a list of people who were affiliated with them at this time. While I can’t nail the date of the surgery exactly, I can come pretty close since I know I ended up missing my best friends grandfathers funeral because of the surgery.
My old co-worker when I had work study in school has a daughter who works in the hospital I was at so I asked her to ask her daughter to maybe give me a clue where to start. I got an e-mail this morning with the info I needed, but it also had the e-mail that my co-worker had sent to her daughter.
She basically gave the daughter a little back story about me, hearing aid, nice guy (I swear I am), and the last line mentioned that I was a diabetic. Okay, fine weird but fine, the thing that got me though was the phrase she used. “He has diabetes pretty bad for a young man.”
I don’t know even typing that statement again, really just rankles me. I have it pretty bad. I mean once you have diabetes you have it. It’s not like there are different levels. It is an illness that affects me yes, it is a pain in the ass and all, but still can someone have diabetes pretty good? Or maybe have it, kinda sorta bad??
I don’t know maybe I am over reacting, maybe I am being extra sensitive, but seriously sigh… So that was the thing that just annoyed me.
I had a list, but to be honest, I just got myself so frustrated that I think I am going to wander away before I say something really obnoxious. Maybe even pretty bad… Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Things that annoy

  1. I don't think you're overreacting – and you're right; some people just don't "get it". I would have been tempted to address that statement in my follow-up email (including all related parties in my response), but that's just me. 🙂

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