Sunshine Day

So today is really not 100% d-related although it does bring up my own discussions and thoughts on a few things. The weather is getting nicer and nicer, which is awesome. This means I can go outside and play. The playing is awesome, the running and bike riding is even better. I love this weather. Granted I am certain that at some point there will be one more snow storm. Why?!?! Well to tell you the truth, snow wise even though we were happily pounded, we really did escape relatively well. It was just the amounts of the various storms that were painful. I guess I will have to pack my ski’s away now though.

With the change in weather though comes the joys of outdoor running and basals and biking and basals and playing outside(yes I still play outside) and basals. If you get my drift. There are some days in which I truly have yet to sort out a proper exercise routine and maintaining my BS and it drives me nuts. There are days pre-run, where I will be happily sitting at 150 intentionally, so I will drink some OJ, just as a precaution and run my little heart out. I go for about an hour and time depending on the route I take. It’s great, it’s awesome, and than I bottom out all of a sudden. (That’s why I now I have $5 stuck in my iPod case). This fall there is one time I can remember barely making home because I bottomed out faster than ever. Why though? Because running and me and my basal is not a good combo. I have tried the entire lower basal and hour before running or two hours before running. No luck, I have tried eating something, no luck. Yet there are other days where I will go for my run and end up with a BS of 150 + post run and there were no changes.

I love exercise, I love running, I need to drop my winter and hibernation weight and such. I go nuts though trying keep everything in check. Pizza I can more or less handle now. French Fries, normally no problem. Ice Cream, piece of cake…. Piece of cake, piece of cake…. Wait, see now I am distracted. Exercise… Screw it. Sigh.

One day it will work out. One day it will be awesome. But alas now, blah!


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