The End of Murph

So in an unfortunate occurrence Murph chose the other day to have some serious issues with buttons and has decided now is the time for him to go into an early retirement. It is tragic really that he is gone. We have bonded over the past three years, but once your buttons start to go there is nothing you can about it. It all started on Monday night, well to be honest his buttons have been slowly failing the past few weeks, but I rarely use the up and down buttons (I am all about Swagging and Audio Bolusing) so the need to replace was minimal. Yet Monday night he locked up on me and no amount of poking and prodding would unstick the OK button for some time. It was sad.
Yesterday morning I called Animas and told the nice lady of my issue and she was very helpful. Good line of questioning, are there cracks in the case? No. The pad the buttons on are on, is there any hardening of cracking? Well, I mean the buttons are faded and rubbed, but all was fine otherwise. Has the pump been exposed to water recently? (aside from an accidental jump into a recently flushed toilet) No, he has been pretty much out of the water his whole life. He doesn’t like to swim, but I know he can. Where do you normally keep your pump? Well my belt, my pocket, attached to me in someway shape or form. That always seems to work the best.
Alrighty, well I will get a new pump out to you by tomorrow. And just send the old one back. No problem.
So I got the new pump, not sure if I will rename it or just go with Murph. I may cheap out and call him Blue though. That way I can follow, Blue’s Clues. I miss Blue’s Clues… Sorry, but yeah. It is amazing though to see how beat up a pump can get over the course of a few years. Now on to my favorite part, making sure I actually transfer all the data over. I guess I should sync my pump to EzManager or something…

Either way here be the old and new. Obviously the old is still attached to me.


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