Kinda sorta raking it in…

So I went to the Endo today and had a lovely talk with my Doctor. She is a great lady and I truly appreciate her. We talked about any concerns I had, my numbers, and also the issues with my insurance and Dexcom.
She told me she has been in communication with the insurance and people on her office staff are still working on the getting a conversation all setup. So hopefully things will work out for the good. The funny thing is she laughed when I told her the reason for denial of claim… Again, if you missed that note, “your claim is being denied due to lack of hypoglycemic events/incidents.” Duh, ’cause the friking thing is doing its job. Oh well. Otherwise it is all good.
Now I could talk about my numbers and everything, but it is not my thing to talk about that. My a1c is good and we will leave it at that. I am happy, she is happy, the entire world is happy. On my way out, I booked my next appointment and paid my co-pay of $15.
I don’t mind that, but the thing is that my appointment was 15 minutes long. Again, not a complain. However, that means I just paid my endo’s office $1 a minute. Not to mention what they are taking in from my insurance. While yes we can argue that malpractice insurance, office staff, rent, and so on are why things cost so much. Yet, imagine if you got paid $1 for every minute you worked.
In my line of work, I figure that per week I week I work off and on about 70 hours or so a week. Which means, i would make $4,200 a week or $218,400 a year. How awesome would that be?

What would you do with that kind of salary??
Well I would be so happy, yet to tell you the truth I am not sure about what I would truly do with that money. I mean some of it would go to the JDRF and their research. After that I would hope it would go towards good causes and a sweet car as well. Maybe a gold plated pump or something like that as well. How about y’all????


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