The Story Behind the Picture

So yesterday I posted my Wordless Wednesday picture. And I chose to not say anything. Apparently I get yelled at for using my words on Wordless Wednesday. I think using my words is a good thing.


As you can see, I can be quite grown up in my replies…. What, I like to channel my inner “I know you are, but what am I?”

So yes, the story behind the picture. I love my Dexcom, maybe the fact that I keep “breaking” it, shows just how much I love the dang thing. I have had my Dexcom since November or so and have managed to need to replace it four times. FOUR TIMES!!!!! This post outlines my first break on some level. I didn’t actually read it, I bore myself apparently… Just kidding. I did like that post. The writer is amazing. Sorry, I distract myself. Bad Brian, no cookie. Anyway, so the first time I broke the Dexcom, I was sad, but hey weird stuff has been known to happen around me.

The next time I broke my Dexcom, I was in Florida with Sara when I noticed some peeling around the door casing. A week later the door decided it was done and ran away on me. I called tech support again, apparently this issue has happened to other people and wasn’t just me. So they sent me number three. Well that was all good for about a month. I was very nice to B.A.S.C. number three. I made sure to baby it, I did not want to leave it alone or let it get hurt in anyway. So it was kinda surprising to last week see, that once again the door decided to run away on me. I was kinda sad. This time I took more drastic measures to protect B.A.S.C. I ordered a Tallygear Dexcom Case. Will this work? I have no idea yet. I mean it does offer just a little more protection for the receiver. I was hoping Dexcom would eventually release a silicone sleeve, kinda like what they did for the Seven Plus, but it does not exist yet.

I am hoping though this new case will be something to cushion the CGM if it falls. Mind you the worst amount of falling the last version of my receiver did was the normal bed time jump from bed to the carpet floor. I kept telling it no more Dexcom’s jumping on the bed, but apparently it has decided to ignore me for now. Here’s hoping number four lasts me for more than a month. The good news the warranty has been great and I have a new receiver that will hopefully take me well past my warranty period now.


7 thoughts on “The Story Behind the Picture

  1. It’s your blog, you can use words if you want to. Heck, you can do anything you want as long as it’s not illegal or immoral. My Wordless Wednesdays are often quite dirty.

    No More Dexcoms jumping on the bed. Cute. But isn’t the story Five Little Monkeys? You’ve got one Dexcom left…

  2. Just to be clear – I like words – lots of words. Interesting this comes up after a long night of waiting on the kids blood sugars to be within a safe range. First – having CGMs specifically the G4s would have allowed me to rest easy knowing that if the corrections I gave at 11pm took the kids too far south Id be alerted but alas no CGMs for us (said in best soup Nazi voice). Thus I stay up because the fear of sleeping through alarm clocks is too great. Over the last few weeks during the midnight hours I have been re-watching the West Wing series on Netflix. Im up to season 4 and one of last nights episodes was the debate in which Bartlett’s staff is trying to find the perfect “10 words” – in the end during the debate actor Martin Sheen attacks his opponent for using a 10 word slogan. “What are the next ten words? – Give me the next ten words and the ten after that”
    Wordless Wednesdays are fun but Ive never been much of a rule follower and a certain friend has called me out on it a couple times (out of fun which is one of the many reasons I adore this friend) In fact at one point during a text conversation I told her rules were meant to be broken – well my daughter typed the text for me since I was driving. Her response to my daughter (she knew my daughter was typing my messages) was to remind me of my words next time she (my daughter) broke a rule. Again I adore this friend.
    You may have got sucked into an ongoing jest. Just so you know i only pick on those I have a great deal of respect for.
    Relationships are not built with “likes” “shares” “follows” and “friend requests” – they are built within the conversations between them. I am thankful for all the words that make up those conversations.

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