It’s always good to find fun

So things have been a little hectic in my life. I was happily “promoted” to my new position of  Temporary Administrator at my parish about two weeks ago. Same pay, more work. Since that point it just seems like the dookie keeps hitting the fan with issues I need to be involved with. This has made me a little annoyed, whiny, and moody. Which is something I am not fond or proud of. I however am trying my best to work on that situation.

One thing that always relaxes me is exercise, so I decided to go skiing on Tuesday. Which was great. Granted I was all by my lonesome, so I could not take great pictures of me doing tricks (which I don’t do), having fun, and just being me. I had to settle with chairlift pictures and a video.

The thing is that skiing was easy for me, at least on the diabetes front. My pump was in my pocket next to my warm legs and all the tubing was tucked in, warm, and unexposed. My Dexcom was in the front pocket of my jacket to keep track of things. I had snacks and stuff in my little Nike bag, that I ski with. (I also keep my sandals in there, that way when I am done skiing or take a break I have something to slip on.)

I was good to go. I had fun. My glucose levels and myself played well together which was nice, so I didn’t have much to complain about there. I do wish I had taken a picture of that graph. I can say I was relatively planked for most of the run. I did have to correct a little at one point, but no major issues. This just led to an even happier Brian. Well that and the fact I did not trip or fall at all. So that makes for a happy me as well.



Ski3I do take myself serious when I ski… Why so serious??


Because it adds joy when you see this.


Or this. Happy Brian.

Yes I took a video, why not? Thank goodness for video stabilizing. Do you know how hard it is to try to record something and keep your arm straight to avoid bouncing? It’s not easy. Yet I enjoyed the day.

Note to self though, never check the blinking voice mail on your inbox when you come back home. It is normally never something fun. What an idiot I can be!


6 thoughts on “It’s always good to find fun

  1. Im glad you went skiing. I switched into mom of cwd a split second when I read you went alone – I think I said out loud – alone you went alone? It isn’t that I think its odd to do things alone – I actually find a great sense of peace when I do things I enjoy alone. It was the D thing. Then I read on and saw that Dex was with you. That made me feel better. I hope my kids can get CGMs soon – it would allow me to rest easier. Self pics were great and its always fun to quote the joker.

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