Don’t touch my candy

I actually have three different ideas for blog posts this week. Do we actually think I might write them?? HA! Let’s see how this goes.

I guess I should really explain the meaning behind my Wordless Wednesday from last week. I have issues, that is abundantly clear. Sara, no disparaging snide comments are needed, I don’t get why you do that to me. I am well aware of my faults and flaws and I have no problem calling myself on them.

I like to eat my M&M’s one color at a time. I also eat my food one food group/type at a time. So at Thanksgiving, I eat my mashed potatoes, before moving on to my broccoli, before moving on to my roll, etc…. that’s just how I roll. I know, it’s not quite right. However, I think my M&M thing is a way of also focusing my mind when I am low. I can’t explain it, but it’s what I do. So don’t mess with my candy. It’s funny I have taken pictures on Instagram of this phenomenon. I just go with it at this point. It keeps me happy.


It’s funny, my friend posted this picture on my FB wall the other day.

OCDSo obviously this is a well documented issue. I do what I can. But don’t mess with my candy. Two Friday’s ago I was working in my office and I noticed that the candy bowl I have on my desk has been refilled. I had just gotten rid of the whites (okay that sounds weird) and was working on the red ones. Anyway, the bowl was full again. I found it out, but I figured the cleaning lady saw the bowl was low and refilled from my stash. I had commented to my staff, that I was “mad” at Marie, ’cause she’s messing with my flow. Not thinking anything of it.

That weekend, I was looking for a marker and saw a bag of M&M’s in my business managers desk. I didn’t really think anything about this at first. I mean everyone is entitled to their own stashes. Yet throughout the course of the weekend my mind was sending up red flags, such as you’ve never seen candy on her desk, the bag of candy in your desk has been undisturbed…. Stuff like that. Anyway on Monday I was down to just blue M&M’s, I left the building for a meeting and came back. Now sitting on my desk is a bowl full of white M&M’s. Seriously?!?! So I “accidentally” print something out on the printer in my business managers printer and go into her office. I also started “looking” for a stapler and BAM, pull the bag of M&M’s out of her desk, which also happens to have my poor kidnapped blue M&M’s in them.

Point made, I find out that her, my youth ministry coordinator, and my maintenance man are all in on this mess with the boss ruse. So what do I do? Do I let it go? Heck no. I steal every chair out of their offices and hide them in an easy to find location of course, I’m not that mean and setup a small little tea party.

CoffeeHey you steal my shit stuff I will retaliate. Don’t worry, I already have my next set of revenge planned already if I need to. Why? ‘Cause that’s how I roll.

Anyway, I was telling a friend of mine James the entire story. Yet he was more hung up on the entire M&M by color issue. JamesIt’s all good though. But please don’t mess with my candy. I mean come on it does serve a purpose other than just sitting on my desk to feed others. Life is good. Just don’t touch my candy.


4 thoughts on “Don’t touch my candy

  1. This is my favourite post in awhile.
    At first I thought your little tea party was miniature for some reason. Now the picture makes so much more sense!
    I think most of us has some sort of OCD tendencies and I definitely do with candy too. Your poor co-workers!

    • They don’t even realize the trouble they have started. The next time they mess with me, I am hiding all the ink inserts to their pens and graphite refills to their pencils….

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