I shoulda known

Shoulda Known
I shoulda known something was wrong early on.
Thanks to an error my Dexcom was gone.
I shoulda known when I saw the tested 48,
but just said great.

I shoulda eaten this I know,
yet I was playing Castleville and needed my crops to grow.
I shoulda held to that axiom near,
Tweet than treat, now be good my dear.
I ignored you and laughed at you,
gosh golly, I must have bored you. (oh do I abhor you)
So what happen my friend,
now lets not pretend.
You kicked my ass as I was praying,
scared my secretary, that’s all I am saying.
Ambulance called, what could she do?
Give me OJ and a cookie too.
I hate you dear friend, you drive me crazy.
Go out, get a job, stop being lazy.
We’re done, we’re through, I need a break.
Even if it just means eating some cake. 
I vent and complain and say woe is me,
why can’t I be Billy Corgin, one happy Corgi??
(So that was yesterday’s adventure. I am fine and good. Just annoyed and pissed more than anything else. I figured out what I did wrong. I changed my yogurt brands and bolused for 50 grams of carbs and not the 29 I actually ate for lunch. It caught up with me, due in part to a dead sensor and being in the new sensor started phase. Sigh. It’s my own darn fault. Lesson learned. Some days I just give up and roll my eyes. Plus look at Corgi pics in jealousy.)

2 thoughts on “I shoulda known

  1. This post is an emotional rollercoaster, because I'm simultaneously scared for you (because of what happened) and smirking happily at the corgi reference.

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