So yesterday my Blog turned a year old. It’s aging is in the midst of so many different birthdays. Martin, Kerri, Amanda, and crap I know I am forgetting someone….. Oh wait of course Sara. So Happy Birthday to you all.

Ok, now that, that is done I can move on to me. ‘Cause well that’s what this blog is about Me and D not to be confused with ME and D. I digress again. I have been busy playing ketchup and mustard with my work since I was off for over a week and some days. I was just so busy I never actually had much time to myself yesterday. Hell there was no normal Thursday nap. How sad is that?? Well to celebrate my blogs birthday I thought it would be good to give you some highlights of what you may have missed over the past year as you are now just tuning into me or having only recently found me. There is no top ten, since everything I write is gold (was tempted to say everything I right is gold to prove irony….)

1.) My own Soap Opera
2.) What Blue (my pump) isn’t
3.) 10 things I hate about D
4.) Early on Tubing issues
5.) Food issues or something ( I really just like the stick figure I drew w/pump)
6.) Not all things deal with D
7.) Why we don’t use melty stuff to treat lows in the summer
8.) Of course why I hate/dislike the DOC
9.) Embarrassing CGM moments
10.) I forgot I rewrote songs at one point (maybe again)

So there we go a non top list of ten things I found entertaining when I reread my writings. Good links and all of them work. However in blog if I linked to myself the link will fail thanks to my rebranding. Yeah, I am like a McD’s or Dunkin or something, I have rebranded and somewhat renamed my blog, e-mail, and twitter. People still get lost and for that I am somewhat sorry. Hey I am being honest here. Now to design some bitch ass business cards!!!! Maybe if I get stuck I will pay Kimpants in Bacon or Corgi pics/videos to design me a logo or something.

To think last year I would have just been starting a blog and not knowing what I know now. Knowing who I know now. Knowing how to make paragraph’s properly too… How the year has changed. Thanks for reading.



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