The number 5 AGAIN

Yeah I know this looks just like yesterday’s blog post. Heck, even the title is somewhat close. Sue me or something like that. I am just going into explanations that a Wordless Wednesday shouldn’t include. I think for me it’s pretty good. Normally, I am not so wordless.

The first 5 was easy, my being 5 minutes early to the endo. No explanation needed. Well I hope not at least.

The 55 was apparently my glucose level at the time of taking my blood work last Tuesday. “Brian, did you realize your BG was 55 at the time of blood work?” “I knew I was lower than I wanted to be, but I had tested at 73.” “Are you normally low like this in the morning?” “I am usually pretty consistent with my numbers in the morning. But I had ice cream last night, have you ever successfully figured that out?? I think this was pretty good for me.” (I had ice cream again last night, woke up to a BG of 67, I think I need to adjust my temp. basal slightly). “But Doctor K, I was prepared for the ‘low’ and I did have something before I departed and drove home.” “Ok.”

5.5, that was my a1c, down from last times 5.6. Well, it looks good to me. She sees my graph from my Dexcom. That graph is on my other computer, if I remember to, I will post that picture. It is basically a straight line.

“Well this all looks good, I mean with an a1c of 5.5, some people would be worried about being hypo and everything, but you have the #cgm on all the time?” “Yeah, and it catches my drops and I catch most of them pretty quick.” “Okay, well keep up the good work. I wish more of my patients were like this.” That comment scared me, not that people don’t have my numbers, because this has taken lots of work and time to sort out and I am still working on it. I just wondered about what else she ends up seeing, if she sees Young Adults like myself, elderly people, type 1, type 2, LADA…. What she sees on a daily basis and what their numbers are. Made me wonder if there was more I could or should be offering to her as a patient to help some of her other patients, who maybe are having difficulties. I really need to talk about the DOC to her one day.

We continue the exam, I timidly step on the scale. I dropped 2 pounds. Which is great, since I am slowly getting back on track with an exercise routine. Everything else was fine, no swollen ankles, she did not comment on my ripped up feet (my cleats rubbed the skin from the bottom of my feet and they were all blistered and stuff.) “Need any ‘scrips?” “I know I am going to need to refill my Novolog, but that is done electronically.” “Have you been to the eye doctor?” “No, I keep meaning to do something about that I’m sorry.” “Well at least I get to ‘yell’ at you for something.” “Fine, fine, I promise I will do my best before my next appointment.” “That’s all I ask.”

After that I left, I went shopping, I wandered and had fun. I had so much free time and some of the stores by my endo. were not yet open, which annoyed me. Who the hell books an appointment on their day off at 8:30 in the morning?? This guy. Next time, it’s at 10:00. Much smarter of me.


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