Tremendous Tuesday: What Makes Me Happy

So it is with sadness that I write this post. Not the sadness of loss or despair, but there is some despair out there. My friend George, a.k.a. Ninjabetic retired his You Tube Tuesday Blog postings. Over the past year of reading him he has posted some very interesting videos, bands, and just entertaining things out there on that tube of you. So for me and maybe others there is that void out there of just joyous things that will show up on Tuesday’s.

First of all, I am not trying to replace George. I am not trying to do anything other than bring joy and positivity into the lives of others. So today is what I am hoping something that will catch on with me and with others out there. Tremendous Tuesday. Why tremendous?? Well we have Wordless Wednesday (2 different ones out there), Sara has been Faith Fridaying it for a while. I try that from time to time, it doesn’t always happen. So we have Wordless Wednesday, Faith Friday, obviously Tuesday needs a T name to it. Terrible? No. Trashy…??? No. Tubular (tempted)?? Alas, no. Tepid? NO. Tungsten?? Now I am just being ridiculous. So Tremendous. This is a day to post those moments of wow or awesome or things that just make you smile. Unicorns, Bacon, Cupcakes, monkeys in pink pajamas. Whatever, you wish to post about as long as it is tremendous.

Today, I just say one thing that makes me happy, which makes my day tremendous. I booked my flight last night to fly off sometime in February, to the magic land of Oz (Overland Park), to visit with some of my DOC friends for the weekend. I am happily calling the weekend #febtoberpalooza but the jury is still out on that one. I can’t wait. I am excited. Plus it is my first vacation in a LONG time. So yeah. That is why today is a tremendous Tuesday.

I was not paid to disclose any of these blogs. I just did. I could have done more work, but I was lazy. I could have listed the friends that I might see, but I didn’t because if I said names and did not link to them I would get yelled at. In fact I am just glad my paragraphs are all separated. There are more Wordless Wednesday’s out there, I was just to lazy to find them. Are you seeing a pattern here. Today is a lazy day, it is my day off. So I am just doing some things that I want to do. I am not going to spend all day looking for the truly awesome worldless’s out there. I am not going to spend all the time doing everything else. In fact I am going to pop on Elf and take a nap on the one day I have to myself. (end paragraph)…. For those of you who read my disclaimer…. Wow. You too are tremendous.


5 thoughts on “Tremendous Tuesday: What Makes Me Happy

  1. I feel tremendous! Honestly, I didn't think many people liked the You Tube Tuesday posts which was a reason I stopped doing it. Silly me. But I love your idea! It's TREMENDOUS!

  2. Brian -Way to be responsible in your comment. Maybe you are growing up.I think Wordless Wednesday has been around the blogosphere longer than I have, and it certainly does come in handy when I don't have a lot of time to write.

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