Tremendous Tuesday: Drained

So today is a great Tuesday. Totally, tremendously awesome. While I may have been slacking on my Christmas cards. I did get a bunch done over the weekend. That was awesome. I have a bunch of my Christmas shopping done. Just not my Christmas Wrapping (not the rap stuff, you don’t want to hear me freestyle it.) That is tremendous as well.

However the two great joys of the week…. Sunday I gave blood for the first time. I did my research, I went over to the school auditorium. I sat down and began the process. It wasn’t to bad. I looked at the conditions and answered the electronic questions. I was asked by the machine if I ever took beef insulin. I said no and that was it. Nothing else. I went and they did the prelim screening, one of things done was an iron in the blood check. That hurt like a bitch. No other way to say it. They take a lancing device from the dark ages and hit your finger. You would think me being a daily lancer I would be able to brush it off… Not so much. It hurt like a mother. My finger is still sore…. Granted they did take a lot of blood from there, it still was not nice. I finally wandered over to be drained. That wasn’t to bad. I sat, I watched, I finished, and I drank and rewarded myself with a donut. WOOO! That was tremendous and if nothing else, I will now know my blood type.

The other tremendous thing for the week was I received word that my closing for a timeshare was going through without a hitch and I should be expecting paperwork soon. The great thing about that is, now when I need to travel to Florida for FFL or other events to see my friends. I have a “free’ place to stay, and if I don’t want to see people I can always just go to Disney and have fun. WOOOO! That is so tremendous. Not to mention Christmas is fast approaching!

Merry Christmas and 5 more posts until something else tremendous happens.


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