Tremendously Wordless: Christmas

So I am cheating today. My picture covers yesterday’s Tremendous and today’s Wordless post.

So yesterday I was out shopping to buy this very nice Christmas Tree for my room. I thought I was not going to be dealing with a tree this year. Until people kept giving me ornaments. Which is  TREMENDOUS!!! Jess sent me the blue one! The celtic cross came from my grandmother’s tree. The Santa ornament is from my trip to Radio City Music Hall, which I did not want to go to. The Dunkin Donut cup is AWESOME as a way of truly proving my love for Iced Coffees. I love It. Yes the tree is askew, but I only got it out of the box last night. So I am trying to set things up still. It is great! I love my friends. (Now I need to finish sending out my Christmas Season cards!)


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