The guilt of the guilty

The guilt of the guilty is a nice little address to all of us out there during this holiday season. I was thinking maybe today’s Blog should start out with something different. I figured it….

(Cue slowly increasing orchestral music) (Deep announcer voice)

“In a world full of sweets and treats…”
“In a world full of, ‘Can you eat that?'”
“In a world where all’s we want are some bacon and cupcakes.”

(Crescendo and Loud BLAST of music)

Starring: You, yourself, your chosen vessel of insulin conveyance, and of course that person who gives you “that look.”
You know the look I am talking about…. 
Not the raised eyebrow, hey you are you supposed to be eating that look? You know to much sugar can kill you… make you lose a leg…. go blind…. 
The one where you want to respond with the, “$%$%#!!!!!” Drinking can kill you! Peanuts can kill you!!! My fist, yeah that too can kill you.” DON’T GIVE ME THAT LOOK. You know the look I am talking about. Granted, my picture doesn’t do it justice, because I don’t judge you when you grab that cookie, coconut bar, peanut butter and chocolate coated pretzel……. (drool). 
Sorry where was I? Oh yes. I don’t judge. Hence why I can’t take an adequate picture of the raised eyebrow guilty look. Oh do I hate that look. But is getting that look worth the food?? Heck yeah it is. So what if you get that look. You can do this. Yeah, that’s right. Granted my analogy to the project is not technically right. It has nothing to really do with eating cupcakes and bacon, well not to much. More about getting through daily life with d and such. But nonetheless, it still means something. 
Yes we will get that look. We feel guilty, however if you properly plan, bolus, swag, or whatever you are fine. If you forget, get it covered. Alright, so maybe during the holiday season your numbers are higher. Am I going to judge you? Nope. Why? Because we too can enjoy food from time to time. Yet, we do need to still do the rest of the work. Test, bolus, basal properly, correct, whatever we need to do. 
Don’t feel the guilt of that look. Don’t get discouraged. You are who you are, you have your weaknesses. You can walk the walk, talk the talk, and eat the cupcake. (I couldn’t say eat the eat, that is just weird).
*Disclaimer: I have no ties to the You Can Do this Project. I am to terrified to make a Vlog still. I like the idea though. Kimpants is a friend of mine and I really like the project. My brief definition of the “You can do this project” may not have fully or accurately described the awesomeness of the project and what it does. Also, just because Kim may or may not have promised me additional puppy pictures that are not dirty if I mentioned her in a blog means absolutely nothing. I don’t have to claim anything down here…..
** Disclaimer to the disclaimer: Kimpants did not promise me puppy pictures in any capacity to talk about her or her project. That was all a lie. I am not a good person from time to time. C told me that the other night. I can’t seem to find the tweet right now. Something about me being Holy or something. I will have to look into where that one went. Found it…. 

 Are you still reading this disclaimer? Seriously, there is nothing else here. Not even a link to a video or something like that. Nothing at all to do with unicorns or anything like that. 

*** One last DISCLAIMER. I love the DOC and Merry Christmas to you all. If you are not Catholic or of the Christian persuasion, Happy Solstice. You guys are totally awesome. But seriously, did you just read all of the disclaimers?? I mean one day I will have a legit one one day.


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