Still Loving Time Off

So we are day 4 into my vacation and I have been loving it so far. It has been relatively relaxing. I mean Sunday was kinda slow and wet. Monday, not so much fun either with the rain and stuff out here, but I made the best of it. Went to the movies.
Yesterday I played tourist and went to the Academy of Sciences which was pretty awesome. Today, I did some Fisherman’s Wharf touristy stuff. My sugars have been relatively on cue, granted some random spikes, but that stems more from spurge eating and stuff. My CGM had been pretty reliable, but apparently decided to runaway on me this morning. Not sure if I slept on the sensor wrong or what, but it ran away four days into its life. That was a bit of a bummer, but oh well. I will just ignore it for now. I am going back to my sleeping though. It has been the best part of my vacation. Man do i need a life or something like that. I will post pictures and junk later. Promise. Thanks for tuning in.


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