While I know it is never a good sign when one wanders away from the purported topic of a week of blogging on the first day. I apparently am going to do that. While I do read other peoples blogs, more often than not I end up reading the blogs of those people with diabetes who tend to be type-1’s. Mind you it has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I read what seems to be most similar to what I may be facing on a daily basis.
The thing though is that what I admire about those who blog about their illness, is that these individuals are “older” than I am. Granted this is a very relative term and all, since some are like a few months older or years. But it is still interesting to read what those who are older have to say. I mean Kimface over at Texting my Pancreas, is a good 6 months tops older. So I mean the term is all relative.
Yet at the same time, it is good to see the positive sides of humor that exist out there, when talking about the big D. I never spoke about it, I never informed people. Hell, some of my friends until I got my first insulin pump 3ish years ago, had no clue. It was just not something to talk about for me. No embarrassment or fear of judgment. It was just a personal matter, that I dealt with as I could.
Than you meet people, and things change. You make a friend who you can truly talk to about having the big D and realize, “hell it isn’t just me.” Followed by perusing the WWW and finding so much more. You stumble into places like Juvenation and meet friends. These friends drag you into the entire DOC and you meet more people. How awesome is that. Yet it all had to have started with a blogger out there somewhere. I place all the blame on Gina from so many places, Juvenation, Diabetes Talk Fest… The list goes on and on. But it’s people like that who get things going.
Those are the ones I admire. They each have their own days of life sucks. I hate having this illness. Yet, when others have that same thing, those same bloggers are there for them. They unite the community to fight evil, like Voltron or the Power Rangers (many become one).

I heart Voltron. Sorry, random distraction, I do have bright shiny object syndrome. Anywho, but to see those members of the DOC unite to help those in need. Either because they are depressed or sad, newly diagnosed, parents, etc. The entire group is out there. The info is spread via blogs, twitter, facebook. I mean the list goes on and on. It is awesome to see what happens when you do unite. I mean the lot of you stormed the online mailbox/facebook of Senator Scott Brown to right a wrong.
This is what I admire. It is the community together. While yes I may lean towards the other groups of those closest to my age. But in the end. It is not just them. It is everyone. I can’t go on because I would just be blathering more and more. But you get the point I am sure. I ❤ them all. Or in my book, I butt cheeks them all, because well that looks like a butt more than it does a backwards heart. Just saying.


The hypo thinker

There are many conversations/discussions about the negative unplanned/random/annoying attacks of the hypo. I mean, going hypo while driving, not good. Sleeping, not good. Well in general the hypoglycemia attack is never a good thing. However, last week, while I was stressing about so many different things, I realized I was slipping low.
Beepy McBeeperson, had yet to warn me, but I knew it was coming. So I did a check and sure enough I was at 77 with that straight down arrow showing up on the Dexcom. The thing was, here I am sitting on my bed and I really did not care that I was going low, (which is a sign that I need to do something). When I get very lackadaisical like that, I know I am going to need to do something, before I black out. The thing is, right at that moment, I also had a huge moment of clarity. Have you ever run into that in your lows?
I wonder if it is due to a lack of sugar affecting the brain, but the stress that I was feeling was gone, the annoyance, gone. And I was able to look at everything that I was bothering me and in a more rational response, come up with a good clear solution. There were no emotions in the way. It was just a clear perspective. I was really amazed. I mean, I know I should be saying don’t try this at home, but for me it was unplanned. But I realized that this has happened before.
There have been many occasions, more than I would like to readily admit that this is happened. Yet, I realized that while obviously the entire no desire to eat or correct the problem is a bad thing. This time it was a “nice” hypo. Because at least in my mind, I had achieved a relaxation that I had been missing for some time. It was a shame though, that it was due to a low.
One warning though. While for me, I was able to clear my head and come up with answers to my problems, I really need to remember to write those ideas down. Because, one issue with going low is moments of forgetfulness such as to what some of those insights were… Sigh. It was good while it lasted though.