Something new in my life

While I tend to blog randomly, mainly d-related. I know others out in the world post other things. I mean some people blog about cupcakes and food. Others mention things like new puppies and things like that. me, I normally don’t have much going for me in the realm of awesomeness. But today I did have someone new I would like to introduce to the world. This is my little kid/puppy/baby. Whatever you want to call him/her.

That’s right, yesterday I went car shopping and came home with (insert name here). I didn’t mean to. I mean I have a car that is only a year old. So why get a new one?? I asked myself that same question. To be honest with you, I like Penny Quinn or Penguin for short. She was a good car, but well I wasn’t all that happy with some of the things, not a manual transmission (fail), unable to change GPS while driving (fail, even though I was told I would be able), horrible gas mileage (fail), Bluetooth conversation(fail!!!!). So I decided to start looking for someone new to replace Penny.
I have been researching, looking, thinking for a few weeks. I found a car I kinda liked but the dealer tried to screw me. I am chaste, nobody screws me… (Sorry bad joke). So I walked. I kept looking. Nissan Juke, VW Jetta, Ford Focus. Nada, nothing, almost impossible to find a manual transmission. Plus the Focus, while nice and all, horrible back seat for a 4 door car. I mean HORRIBLE.
So after killing time yesterday, I went with my next guess on a Civic. Didn’t care about other features, but it needed to be manual and have bluetooth, since my phone can double as a kick ass GPS. So yeah, I wandered into Honda and told them what I wanted. Three minutes later the sales man came back with (insert name here) to take for a test drive. I am not gonna lie, I fell in love. Granted it was a coupe and all, but still fell in love. What a great little machine. I pay less for the lease, I get an extra 10 + MPG, killer sound system, working bluetooth, moonroof, seamless iPod usb integration… It is an awesome car. I was so excited. No regret, no remorse. They took my car and the payments over, offered me a little extra to cover other things and yeah. So I got a new car.
Now comes the naming part, since my brother and I first bought a car, they have all had names. My ’87 VW Jetta (Murmur), my ’95 Saturn Sam, my ’04 Matrix Murph, my ’10 Mazda3 Penny, now I need a new name. I am contemplating buster, but I am not sure yet. Has anyone else named a car or might offer some interesting names for a car. ’cause I can’t keep a car long without a nice name…


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