Emergency Melt Down

With a title like this, you would think that there is a big emergency going on in my life. IT’S TRUE!!! My car, emergency driving supplies melted on me. I mean I did have a back up and all, but my emergency became an emergency. Imagine having a top secret stash of gummy peach rings, oh so good covered in sugar and well yumminess.

This is how it is supposed to look.

Yeah, they all look so yummy. But I went into my glove box today and well, this is what I found.

All melted together and gooey

No more rings. Sadness

But well I want them

Even if they are all one unit.

 I was talking to a bunch of DOCers tonight. I don’t even know how to conjugate or blah that one right, so yeah. I showed them all the bag and told them I was still going to eat them.

My original thought was knife and fork. FAIL.

So I ripped off a chunk and dove in. I so need a tripod.

I may have taken a bite out of it too.

Doesn’t matter, it was all good and yummy. Even my sugar allowed me to have fun. It was 61 at that point, so well it was a bonus low fix instead of a need to figure out the complexcrabs in those. Complexcrabs is an entirely different story for another day. Just ask some of the other DOC people. That works. Yes, I got DOC conjugated or sorted out.

My lesson for the day is in the summer melty stuff not good in a hot car. i.e. kit kats, snickers, peanut butter cups, starbursts, gummy peaches. All have failed on me!!! In the winter I have frozen emergency stuff as well. Glucose tabs are in the car, but just not as much fun. It is a joke. What do you all keep in your car??


7 thoughts on “Emergency Melt Down

  1. Kim, now you have me craving M&Ms. Sorry, Brian, but I'm not craving those rings. My kids like them though. Honestly I don't always keep something in my car, but I have a squashed granola bar in my purse.

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