My socks told me I must be an idiot.

Yes, that’s right. My socks informed little ol’ Brian that he is an idiot. Yes Brian, not Brain or any other weird nickname people have for me. I am apparently an idiot. Why? Well there are many reasons why and I will mention some of them all via bullet point. Kerri is right(don’t tell her I said that though), bullet point is my favorite way to blog.

Here is reason number 1 as to why I am an idiot:

Yes, that’s right, my socks are telling me which belongs on my right foot and which belongs on my left foot. Here I was thinking this whole time you could wear any sock on any foot. How silly of me. (Could this picture have shown me with the socks on the wrong feet? Yes, but well I was tired, am tired and feeling like blah, and well people would expect that from me.)

Why else am I an idiot??

  • Apparently after over 15 years of having diabetes, I still can’t figure out if I should or could be eating that sprinkly cupcake.
  • That my going vegetarian was because I was a diabetic (that one is new to me).
  • That just because something makes sense to me when I am low, doesn’t mean it makes sense to anyone else.
  • That by now I should know a low before Beepy alerts me, when I see vacant expressions from above said comment.
  • I should know that Ice Cream before bed wrecks havoc with my sugar levels and I really need to not use that as a snack when I need to bolus combo style to make it work.
  • That if I bolus combo style before bed, I should be prepared to wake up a few hours later drenched in sweat and confusion, because I f-ed it up again.
  • I should know that the only reason people laugh at most of my jokes in person, is because my laughing at self, forces others to laugh at me, not with me.
  • I should allow sarcasm to function after 9:00. Otherwise, well it just doesn’t seem to work for me or others don’t process it well either.
  • I must be an idiot also, because well I am sitting at my desk telling myself I feel like crap, I have nothing to do over in my office, and yet I am still sitting here arguing with myself that I should go back to bed. 
  • Oh and I must be an idiot because I also realized that I may have had an incident with a piece of chocolate fudge cake and I may have not bolused for it as I see the magic double up arrows on Beepy telling me something right now. 

(Can’t post the picture for some odd reason. Sigh, but imagine something personal, chocolate ladden, immensely satisfying, and multiply it by like 30. That is what I ate….. Yummy. That might also add to why I feel so blah)

Peace, Love, Insulin, and Sprinkles


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