Eggs in a row

It’s funny when we live in the world of D, we are told certain things. Make sure you go to your endocrinologist every 3 – 4 months. Make sure you keep your sugars in goal. Make sure you exercise.  Make sure you …. The list of do’s and don’ts can be overwhelming at times. But if we get in all in check maybe we feel like our eggs are in a row. We get all happy and see rainbows and unicorns.

Saw this last night and well I needed to find a good use for it.

Life for me and my D is kinda like that. I mean do I swag yes, do I go low YES, do I have Hi’s yes, do I want to kick and scream and throw stuff???? YES! But if I go to my endo, everything is fine by all accounts. Everything that I should be doing for my D is going according to plans. Sit down, relax, and have a cupcake.

But oddly enough, Diabetes is not the only thing I should be worrying about. Last night, in my over caffeinated attempts at sleep. I started to think about all of my eggs and to see how much of a proverbial row they are in. So yes, most things D are in a row. But since I moved to a new area last year I have yet to find a new Eye Doctor to have my eyes checked (fail). I found a new general doctor in a centralized location so that if I move, they are still nearby. Yet, I have yet to get them any of my back dated records, immunizations, current blood work, you know important stuff (fail). My knees are feeling my age on some days and I really should have them checked to see what I should/could be doing for them (fail). Sometime over the summer I pulled/tweaked my shoulder. I blame the giant Hot Dog I was wrestling. (It was attached to a boat, I was riding it). It also could have been due to the intense inner tube ride I had that day. It’s been over a month and I have done nothing about it (fail).

It’s funny how small or big our world can truly be. I mean nothing is ever settled. Just because we think we have our life sorted out. There is always something else to worry about. I have a list of things I need to do. Will I do them? Eventually yes. But I will forget, I will fail. I won’t follow through. It is an aspect of who I am and who we are. We seek perfection in all tasks in our own little environment and world. It is not always going to happen. Maybe for you, your other life is more organized, you get your knees checked, your eyes, your normal doctor stuff covered. Maybe your checkbook is balanced and your bills are paid off (crap, need to do that after this post). But maybe your numbers are where you want them to be, maybe you feel the urge to skip your endo. appointment or blood work (cough, cough Karen, I read your Blog).

It’s okay though. None of us and I mean NONE of us are going to ever achieve that perfection we crave in all or any aspects of our lives. We may want to. We may try. Yet we most likely will not have everything balanced, all the eggs lined up. Something will always be amiss. It sucks, it is annoying. It is a pain in the ass. Yet, it is our lives. The important thing is that we keep trying and heading forward. We keep moving our eggs slowly into line. Because if we ever do get them all there. We can crack them open and find this.

This was a amazing rainbow. Pictures don’t do it justice!! Fully formed end to end.

Remember I and you can do this.


One thought on “Eggs in a row

  1. (cough cough – I read your blog too!!)Thanks for this post, it really is a great reminder. There is always good and there is always bad. This week was a huge reminder of that to me. We just keep plodding along, moving forward, and admiring the rainbows along the way.

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