How do you deal??

A very muzzy (I was going with vague, but I checked my Thesaurus and was all over the word muzzy) title I know, but it’s because sometimes that is how things feel to me. This thought was generated Tuesday night as I was low, but it goes back to last week as well. So I guess I should start at the beginning and not the end or middle or where ever the heck we are starting.

Once upon a time, it was a Wednesday night. Brian in his normal routine or well now his normal routine sat down at his comfy desk and participated (sarcastically made fun of people and talked slightly piratey) in the #DSMA that happens every Wednesday on Twitter. I was minding my own business as is always the case, when Captain Low Ass appeared, not sure where that came from but I am going with it. It was probably about 10:02, when he finally attacked. Sadly, oddly, my CGM slowly trickled down not the double dip or what so I never was alarmed about this occurrence. I was picking on Sara about something when she tweeted back, something along the lines of, “I’m still waiting on your e-mail.” Nothing bad, wrong, or hurtful about it.

For some reason though, the attack of Captain Low Ass and the comment just did it. I had not reply, retort, comment for her. My brain had momentarily died. It was at that point that I realized that this was happening in the first place. So I tested since Beepy was delayed and low and behold I was 46. Get it low… Sorry. So I did what I normally like to do, raid the fridge. I went down stairs and not trusting my self with a glass started to imbibe some OJ. Well imbibe is not the right word. I drank some of it, my shirt and the floor got the rest of it. Problem solved. At the same time, I had one of my genius lows. This time I even noted, I should jot down what I was thinking. So I run back upstairs and start trying to get my thoughts out onto a post it note with a pencil. I didn’t have much success as pictured below.

You don’t actually need to see what I wrote. It was creative cursing at its best. But also a blog post idea, no hints.

I got so pissed, angry, and actually teared up. Last Wednesday Diabetes made me cry. Probably for like the second time in my life. I can handle it. I can deal with it most of the time. But the low, the brain dead, the inability to have a thought, everything just made me cry. It was like a 10 second affair. Yet, it still pissed me off to the nth degree. I wrote a note to my diabetes in word after about 10 minutes. It was about a paragraph long. I did not save it. I just vented and yelled at it. I let it know I was angry. And I moved on, I think, but I am still resentful of Wednesday of last week.

Fast forward to last night. I was in bed, minding my own business watching Voyager on my iPad, (I so love Netflix). I finished, I curled up to sleep at around 11:55. I woke up at 12:08 feeling low. Brain numb, not body numb low. Reached over popped some tabs. And fell back into a slumber. I know not the best thing, but I was so out of it. I am glad I was alert enough to treat. This is where everything leads to. The muzzy title and all. How do you deal??

How do you deal with the night time lows or the lows in general? Do you have a plan? I am jealous of all my friends out there who have their other or better half. Their type awesome who helps them out. But there are some who are just type 1’s on their own. I have no back up plan. I have nothing. My friend Jeanette called me a few weeks ago and told me about a low she had (she lives like 20 minutes away). Her parents were out of town and it was just her. As she was telling me this, she spoke of calling her neighbor at like 12:00 in the morning and them coming over and getting her drink and just making sure she was okay. I don’t have that. I realized, I don’t have a back up plan. It’s just me verse the low and I always hope I can win. So far so good. But what do you do? I don’t have a Becca, I don’t have a reliable service penguin to warn me. I have me and my dashing sense of humor.

What is your emergency plan? Can I steal it? Let me know, so I can truly look at it and pass it on to those who read me.


4 thoughts on “How do you deal??

  1. I'd be interested to hear emergency plans as well. I recently had an Officially Scary experience, but I was not alone which prompted me to realize that most scary situations are a result of a different eating, sleeping or drinking event, none of which I do by myself.I'm starting a pump soon, and my only plan then is to text someone before I go to bed and when I wake up. I'll ask if they don't hear from me by x time, to give me a call, and proceed from there.

  2. Ok. First of all…. I want a reliable service penguin. That would be the ultimate emergency plan resource right there! So needed.I'm lucky enough to have a loving and supporting spouse to help in Low emergencies, but it doesn't take away the fear and oft-felt anger/emotional aspects that come with a Low. For me, it makes me sometimes even more afraid or even guilty that I'm putting her through that. Then there's my dog… who I believe can detect Lows, but probably would smother me to death trying to wrestle rather than do anything productive in helping me with a Low.If I'm home after my wife leaves, she calls at a certain time if she hasn't heard from me – to double-check that all is OK. That seems like something that could be replicated with non-spouses/friends/parents/etc. Same with my boss (actually former boss as of three days ag) who has my wife's contact info in case something happens. Then there's Twitter… which has motivated me and helped "treat, before Tweet" a handful of times.

  3. It's not really your fault. It was just a conflagration of events all at once that unsettled me slightly. If you do feel guilty though send me cupcakes!

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