Faith Friday: Without You

I don’t know who to blame for this maybe Sara, maybe somebody else, but over the past few weeks, month’s Friday’s I have noticed an explosion of the Faith Friday’s or just been more alert and awake as I blog stalk. I kinda liked the idea of the Faith Friday. So much better than my redited songs on Friday, not that I am saying the songs were bad. I was entertained, but this has a little more substance.
I think the title of without you goes a long way. There are so many things that people love and get excited about. New toys … Karen and her impatient waiting for her iPhone 4s (I am currently tormenting her online about it). New pets, Kim and any and all Billy Corgin reference (I would post some of them, but I think I have a limit as to how many hyperlinks can be contained in a post and well I don’t have the time to post all 1,000 of them anyway). Sorry Kimmy. New babies, kids, nephews, nieces, husbands, wives, the list goes on and on.
There are other more essential things we might not be able to live with out. Blue and Beepy McBeeperson are so important. They have turned my life around in so many ways. The past 3 plus years, my control and care has never been better. Never to late to turn our lives around and make the step in the right direction. Sadly after about a 2 year run, my transmitter may be slowly dying. I started to use my Dexcom roughly around June 15th, 2009. I didn’t mark the date, but I know it was late June. I have lost, killed, defected numerous receivers, but the transmitter just keeps going. It is great. I did get a new one last October since Dexcom called to tell me they could get me a new one free from insurance. But why get rid of one still working. One October later, I am still waiting for the puppy to die. The time is getting close, I think. The rep who called me a few weeks ago to tell me I was eligible for a new transmitter and receiver based upon last years reorder was kinda shocked when I told her the one from my initial order was still working. So I asked the all important question, how do I know when the transmitter is actually dying???

  1. Limited range (kinda check)
  2. Periods of being so completely off with the meter (kinda check)
  3. ???? more frequently (kinda check, but it could be the sensor)
  4. Transmitter fail (thank God not yet)

These are some of the hints I could face and see, but things are still hanging in there and holding on. So I am at the conundrum, if there is a chance that the transmitter may go in the next few weeks, do I change it this Monday? Monday is a free shower and a great chance to change it. I mean if the transmitter fails, do I lose that sensor as well, cause I would rather not lose the sensor, those buggers are expensive. So what to do. I DON”T KNOW!!!!
So yes, without Blue and Beepy, things would be different. Again, though this is only tech. There is the DOC, I can’t even talk about all of you here. I would lose focus and so get lost on my idea for the day. But look at the help and support you have given. Look at all of the posts from KC Simonpalooza. The comments, the videos, the complete jealousy on my part that I couldn’t be there. So many pictures, stories, hashtags, and videos. You support us all, you help us all. You all rock. Everyone in the DOC rocks, even if you think I hate you and I don’t. You know who you are KMS.
All of these things, are effective. All of these things are great. If I had to do this alone, could I? Probably, I dealt with shots, and 60 second blood tests. I lived 14 years without knowing about twitter, the DOC, and the various sites out there. I lived through it all. But how did I do this? Family and friends, sure. There is more though. My faith and belief in the Lord.
Wow, this took me FOREVER to get here. I am over caffeinated and rambly (new word) today. But truly. Anytime I am down or was down before the DOC and various tech. Anytime I was depressed. Anytime I was low and unable to do much as I waited for the sugar to kick in. I turned my life to prayer. Sometimes just outright prayer of CURE ME!!! Yet more so, it was to calm me, focus me, help me find perspective. It was my support and comfort. It was my hopes and dreams. It was what I had. I knew and know that while there were others out there helping me. I had the Lord to help me. The answers to my prayers and requests for help and guidance came. I stumbled upon others out there. I found a person a T1, who helped me sort some of my issues out. I found Juvenation, I found Kimpants and C. I found the DOC. I yelled Yippee!!! (Sorry bad rhymes and poetry happen).
I know that while I was lost I should have done better for myself. I know though that while my cure is still waiting and out there, one of my prayers has been answered. That being all of you, all of my friends, all of the DSMAers, Bloggers, and FFLers. All of you were part of my prayers and all of you were the answer I was looking for. Without you, without Him, I would be lost. Thank you for being one of the answers to my prayers.

Right as I was posting this, Kim tweeted this, I fell over laughing. “This is the most awesome magnet I’ve ever seen. WANT. @lisafromscratch – thank you!!!)”


3 thoughts on “Faith Friday: Without You

  1. brian, this post is beautiful! thank you so much for sharing!sometimes i think about that too. how did i do this for so long without the DOC. family and God are the answers i came up with as well.God is most definitely at work in the DOC. simonpalooza confirmed that for sure. and we missed you.

  2. Agreed! Before I found the DOC it was definitely God and my own unique brand of family that got me through. I guess it still is – you guys are totally family! 🙂

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