Laughter Revisted

I know it’s been all of like a week and I am already revisiting my thoughts on laughter. Well maybe not revisiting. Because what I said last week is true. What I say today is true as well. Well true to me, you can come up with your own darn opinion. Today, I will do my best to not pick on anyone or have this post require any bonus links. Allyourpageviewsarebelongtome. Yeah, inner nerd is attacking again. Blast it.

So this past week, I have been more or less by myself at the parish. My boss was on a pilgrimage to Italy, which is nice, but that means all of the work falls onto my shoulders. Again, this is fine I can handle it and deal with 90% of the problems. I am a big boy and I even have my big boy pants on. (I have no idea where the line comes from, oh well).  The thing is just like my D, how do I handle it? HUMOR AND LAUGHTER.

Life can be stressful, work can be stressful, things will happen. Yet do this we must. The stress can either cause you to pull your hair out. In my case, I like the hair I have left so I am hoping to keep it. The stress can cause you to go nuts. (Been there the hugging jacket was nice and all, but so not my color.) Or you can just laugh about things.

That is what I did I have been in rare form, I have laughed about it all. Maybe sometimes scandalized people. Sorry again Amanda.

That one killed me. The thing is that this is what keeps me going. Not in the bad sense again. If you are always stressed, angry, annoyed, etc. You will lose it so fast. Yet if we keep a smile on our face and the laughter flowing, well we can make it through anything. I can do this, hell I did it. You can do this. I was so close this time. It is true though. No matter what, 99% of the time sense of humor can see you through the problems we have. If we find the laughter we are golden. If we don’t well we are just “cotton-headed ninny-muggins”.

Word. (Please don’t ask).


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