Tremendous Tuesday: Tremendously Thankful

There are many things I am very happy about and thankful for one. One being the DOC, one being my pump, one being Peanut Butter and Chocolate (for obvious reasons). The comments and support you have all said to me last week were great and it brought a smile to my face, to be able to just let some of my thoughts out. I mean, yes this is what usually happens when you blog, but I don’t always hit those “serious” topics. So thanks to you all.

However in keeping with my thankfulness, I need to add Beepy McBeeperson. I would be lost without you.

Yes that is a 6 hour plank while I slept last night. Yes the numbers were between 56 and 70 all night (no 55 and below alarms). I like that. But truly I am glad the bugger is still working. Last night I was playing an awesome game of ultimate (I am truly seeing a pattern to my injuries and broken things that always ends or begins with ultimate). Anyway, in an effort to catch the disc (which I did) on a cold, wet, rainy night, I may or may not have dove into a puddle on my side in which Beepy was hiding in my pocket. So I am so TREMENDOUSLY THANKFUL that he survived and did not die on me. I would have been crushed. So that is why I am thankful today!


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