Overly Prepared

Back when I was a little kid, I was a Boy Scout, while I never made Eagle I was a scout for many years. It was something that was interesting in my life and I am sure I learned something while I was there. Such as the lesson of being prepared. I like to blame my overly preparedness on being an ex-scout not on my occasional crop ups of CDO. But we know which is really the cause of my problems.

This morning I was getting ready for my trip down to Florida where I will have the opportunity to see not sea although maybe I might dump her in that…. Sara. Just kidding about the sea part, not the see part. Oh I kill myself some mornings. It must be the pre-6:00 AM wake and subsequent Diet Pepsi’s. Well I am going for a week to Disney, which I am super excited about. First time using my time share, so yeah. Well in getting ready I realized that I needed snacks both for low’s and well because I am cheap or frugal when it comes to buying snacks on site. Enter my trip to Target, never go while low or hungry.

This is what I bought for my 6 day adventure. $40 worth of food and supplies. I have the Jumbo Mallows for if I get low, low. And they are easy to pack and pop. Fruit Roll-ups are just in case I don’t want to get completely stared at for eating a giant marshmallow by the guy eating the even more huge TURKEY LEG. Than I have PB&J granola bars, Kashi pumpkin and flax granola bars and Nature Valley Granola Thins (80 calories and 11 grams of carbs, I’m in), all for six days. Oh, and the nuts and raisins to make some trail mix packs. ALL FOR 6 DAYS!!! I mean seriously, what is wrong with me??

I am quite amused by this entire prospect and well it’s not just food that I do this to/for. I have the Mio for drinks, I stopped myself from buying additional Crystal Light to go’s since my backpack still has some from my last trip already packed (like 10 of them). But it’s funny how it happens. I mean lets show you my packing math. I am going to Florida for 6 days. So that means I should have 7 t-shirts and under t-shirts, 10 pairs of boxer shorts and socks, two pairs of shorts, pair of jeans, and other emergency sets of clothes. For supplies, I just changed my infusion set this morning so I need to change my infusion set on Monday and possibly Thursday morning, but I should have enough insulin in my pump for when I leave Early Thursday morning to landing home at 10:00 AM, so that means I need 4 set changes and two full bottles of insulin. Assuming I test myself over the course of the 6 days 10 times a day I need 200 test strips. Oh don’t forget the back up CGM and tape and repacking fresh lancets (seriously I have like 20).

It is a hazard for me to plan trips and pack. I always over plan and am ready for anything. I mean I looked at the weather and saw it was going to be 80 all week. Yet I still am thinking sweaters and hoodies. The thunder storms are new, but I have a poncho and a rain coat packed.

Oh wait sandals, flip flops, and sneakers. How many? Yet I only have the one belt on my jeans to travel with today.

It is the weirdest thing. I am consciously trying to get myself to plan/pack less. I know I don’t need all the stuff I want to bring, yet I can’t seem to help myself. I will pack it nicely and well, not forgetting my murse of course. Which will be overflowing with all of my supplies needed for each day.

Technically there is nothing wrong with my thinking, planning, and rationale. This is all good and planned out. Yet do I need it all?? Probably not. Will my back hate me? Yeah, but as long as I am under 50 lbs. its all good I guess. The CDO or Boy Scouts have ruined me. Why can’t I just travel with enough to get by or not worry about this stuff so much?? Oh well, need to finish packing my 14 pairs of long underwear just in case….


2 thoughts on “Overly Prepared

  1. How do you think I feel? I'm packing for a WEEKEND and I have almost as much stuff as you do!Remember, I have a car if you forgot anything. LOL!And you might want to bring your cup from the Cornonado in case they use the same one at the new place.

  2. My wife hates me when we travel. In many couples, the woman packs a ton of stuff and the guy packs light. Not us — I'm the one cramming extra stuff in obscure suitcase compartments, jacket pockets, everything. And always, just before leaving the house, I run back in shouting "wait… just one more thing…". True role reversal in our household.(Just kidding about the hating me part… she's wonderful. Really.)

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