Cereal Killer (Not really)

Have I ever told you I hate cereal? If I haven’t it’s killer. GET IT? Cereal Killer?? Hence the title to my blog. And hell I am sure it will generate some interesting blog search terms. This picture is just one example of why I hate cereal and I have strayed away from it for so long.

(SIDE NOTE) I am 6 glucose tabs and 4 Hershey Kisses into this blog. I treated before I tweeted/blogged, so none of you mommies out there can yell at me, well you can, but THWWWWPPPPPPP. (That’s the tongue stuck out noise to me).

This morning I tried to integrate some cereal into my Chobani Yogurt. My yogurt and I have finally come to terms with how I need to bolus in order to not get the double up arrows after eating it. I figured what the hell, lets add about half a cup of Kashi Go Lean cereal to up my protein intake. Trying to be all healthy and ship. C’s the one who sent me towards protein in my cereal and not just the whole grains. She’s a big wig dietician or something like that, she knows her grains and vegetables. Oh and she is my sister…. Well at least on certain pieces of paper she is my sister. (That sounds even more awkward than I meant it to be.) Oh well. Yeah so C told me to help avoid all of my sugar spikes and the crash later if I ate cereal with protein or had more protein in some way with my breakfast, it would spread the spike out and keep me from going to high.

The concept did work for a while. But I was still uber spiky so I went to just yogurt and found a slightly better balance of carbs and swag and all that stuff. But today I tried to be adventurous and look at where it has gotten me. Now 8 glucose tabs into trying to get myself off my low. Probably should eat something else concrete since it is lunch time. So I am going to run away.

I do have other blogs to write. I have my travels of last week. My commitment for a month of blogs coming up. So much to do. So I will be back.

*REAL DISCLAIMER* The information I mentioned and inferred about protein and blood sugars is just that information. If you are wondering if this is something you should be considering or wondering about. Ask someone who knows what they are doing. Not me. I am just me a person with diabetes. I have two Masters and all, but no where does it say FOOD or Dietician or CDE or anyhing like that in my title. As someone who knows. My ramblings are just that ramblings.

*Normal Disclaimer* I just like making stuff up. Oh and Sara I put the low line back on my CGM and adjusted some other things. So at least you can’t yell at me for that. You can however yell at me for laughing at the fact you still have a Christmas tree up in your apartment. :-p


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