4 Month Checkup

So Tuesday as I seem to like to do on Tuesday’s I wandered into my Endo’s office for my heart to heart. I love my Doctor. She is kind, understanding, and well just nice. We started out with the normal chatting about things, my test results, she gave me my A1c and we continued on normally. Nothing tragic, nothing scarey. We spoke of the freak lows that I have had.

She did not seem overly concerned. I mean I guess that kinda bothered me, but it could have been the way I presented each scenario. I mean the end result was basically user error my being the user. We did everything else that we needed to do. Prescription, checked my feets, checked my breathing, my heart, all was good. Thyroid levels are fine, weight seemed to be about the same. Which made me sadly happy. Happy that it isn’t higher, but sad that it isn’t lower.

Wed discussed the A1c and what maybe I could/should be doing to help things along in that regard. Nothing major. However, the one comment she made at the end of the visit did wig me out a little bit. Do you have a dermatologist?? No, I mean I know I have dry skin issues, but no. Oh, it’s not for the dry skin its for your skin. (No shit). No, no why? Well just to have them look at your spots. i.e. my body covered in freckles. Do you have a history of skin cancer in your family? Not so much, no. Well you might want to have your body scanned and such, just in case…. WTF???? Seriously? Now I need a body scan to go with everything else!!

SOB. Sorry, that one just really caught me off guard. I mean, I have enough things/fears to worry about. The creaking bones in my body, the joint aches, my aversion to going to have my eyes checked. All of which I am working on. Now I need to worry about the fact that my Irish Dad’s skin has ruined me and made me a risk…. Come on. I don’t want to. I don’t want to. I don’t want to!!!!!!!

Okay, fine that is out of my system. Am I worried? Not really! But nonetheless I have enough going on by way of troubles. Do I really want to add something to the mix?? Not really no. But what to do? Worry about it right now? No. I have other concerns, yet now I am worrying. Stupid endo. I liked you, but now you just annoyed me…. :-p

Oh and if you want to know what my a1c is. To quote Animal from the “Muppets” movie. “In control.” Sorry, that is all you are getting. I am not telling people my number anymore. It’s my business and only my business. PEACE.


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