The Health Activits Writers Month Challenge: Day 2 Quotation Inspiration

Today’s prompt/challenge:
Find a quote that inspires you (either positively or negatively) and free write about it for 15 minutes. 

This challenge  jumped out at me really fast. As in the water balloon has popped all over you before you even try to swat it away sorta fast. In my real life, non-blogger work, I deal with death and dying often. As a priest it happens and I am the one who gets to talk to people when Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, or whoever it is has passed away. I stumbled upon this quote years ago, and well it just works for everything and anything we do.

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.”
Thank you Ms. Erma Bombeck for this quote. 

This quote can inspire so much out of us whether we believe in God or not. I am not going to argue that. Instead, it is an inspiration to think about the end of our own lives and what he have done or not done. Will we have any regrets? Is there that one thing in life that we should have done that we never did? Skydiving, Scuba Diving, Donate Blood, Help at a food pantry? Maybe it’s traveled to other countries, gone to Disney World and Land. Maybe something as simple as eating brie cheese or trying to cook lamb shanks. It doesn’t matter.

The focus is those regrets that we may have and why? What is it that holds us back? Just fear of …. or embarrassment? Really who cares? What we do with our life is so important, the small and big things.

Yet, the what we do is also symbolic of how we do it? A resolution I try to uphold in my life is not being afraid of the unknown. That using what I have to the best of my ability is something that needs to be done. I have done some of the things I have feared. I have sung the entire Holy Thursday liturgy even though at times I feared my questionable pitch. It was a relief to have it over and done with and is now something I know I can do. I have traveled the US meeting people that I never would have, because of my own shyness. I have made amazing friends that way. 

I write my blog, while I question if people actually read it or get anything from it, my friends and supporters tell me otherwise. I have used my own quirks and I am pretty quirky, you will probably notice that as the days go on and I get more accustomed to this day to day writing stuff. Yet it is something I enjoy. And that is the thing for me at the end of the day. While I realize I have yet to peak or catch the eye of those who follow the normal #dbloggers, I am okay with that most days. Who I reach is more important than the how many at the end of the day.

This is what is so inspiring about this quote to me. I hope to have used all of my skills and talents to reach out to others. Either people who have diabetes or people in need. In the end I guess it really doesn’t matter. I can’t fear the unknown, because it is just that. I can only do my best, try my hardest, and maybe one day be able to say, yes Lord I have used all you have given. I will be happy with that. My legacy while it would be awesome if I left a great one behind me, truly does not matter. What does is that I have always tried my hardest and maybe made a difference in the lives of 1  or 2 other people.


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