Day 14: Dream Day

Today’s prompt was a good one to think about, especially from my own perspective. I know this is something many of us dbloggers dream about, talk about, and hope for one day. 

Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?

What is my dream day? While I am not normally the one to fall prey to the typical stereotypes and answers that people would expect. Today, I think I am. Could I have made an amazingly awesome day with friends and family on an enchanted island relaxing in the sun, without fear of sunburn and the water being awesomely warm. (I SO WANT THAT). I am not going to do that.

Today, I am going to go with the flow and be the stereotype. 

My dream day, would have to either be the day I wake up and know that a cure has been found for type 1 diabetes and that my life can go back to being “normal” without some of the fears that I have had in my life. It would not be the imagined “cure” in 5 years, that have been the longest 5 years in my life. But a day where the fictitious cure has happened. That would be an awesome day.

However, seeing as how that day is years and years away. I am going to just ask for a one day cure. That would be truly amazing for me. Waking up when I want, if I want to drinking a huge glass of OJ without needing to think about the carbs and everything associated with what I need to do. That would be great. Taking a shower with NOTHING attached to me and not worrying about accidentally scrubbing it off (I take long hot showers adhesive has been known to come lose). That would be an awesome day.

It would be great to be able to go for a run and not have to pregorge myself on OJ so that halfway through the run my sugars do not take me low and make me leery about my making it back to my abode. To be able to go and play basketball (which I suck at horribly) or Ultimate Frisbee and not have to worry about people getting tangled in my exposed tubing or smacking myself black and blue when I run with my various bits and pieces attached to me (pump and dexcom). That would be a dream day.

My dream day would involve fun and relaxation. It might involve some time at the beach or at a pool without people staring at the Dexcom sensor on my side or the infusion set coming out of me somewhere. Going swimming and just well swimming. That would be a dream day.

Who would be with me? Well that is obvious my friends. I don’t need any famous people. My friends are famous enough for me and well awesome enough that I could care less about any superstars. To be able sit down and gorge on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with Sara. To eat amazing cupcakes with Jess and Kim all day long telling corny jokes. To make fun of my “sister” C as she turns all sorts of red as we trade jokes and talk about her recent misadventures with the tp shredding hell hound. And of course, because I love her so much (only slight sarcasm) sit there trying to see how long it takes for Kerri to flip me off or try not to say anything completely offensive to me as I taunt her.

This would be a truly amazing day. The funny thing is on some level this day has happened and will keep happening. I have hung out with all of these people. We have swam together gorged together, made fun of each other, flipped me off together. I know it will happen again in just a few months. It can happen and is amazing. We are able to put diabetes “on hold” for awhile yet it is still there. We hear it in the random beeps and buzzes of people. We see it in the finger pricks and tests as people do what they need to do. We know it by the claim of “I need regular coke or OJ NOW.” We know it in the “100 sweet” or the “37…. Brian really, eat something, just not frosting or I will try to make you throw it up.”

These days have happened, even with the loomingness of diabetes hanging out with me. It would just be awesome to one day have that day without the Big Gorilla in the room taunting me. That would be an even dreamier day.


One thought on “Day 14: Dream Day

  1. We can eat peanut butter cups together but I won't be speaking since I obviously can't share anything with you without you telling the whole world! 😛

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