Day 18: My writing style

Soo…. I readily admit that this is not today’s prompt. However, I was just to busy on Sunday to actually write said prompt and enjoy the process. Yet, there was a small part of me who wanted to write this suggestion anyway. So Sunday has become Wednesday, for me.

Day15/18: What’s your writing style? Do words just flow from your mind to your fingertips? Do you like handwriting first? Do you plan your posts? Title first or last? Where do you write best? 

My writing style is stream of conscious. I just type and write. What I think tends to be typed right away. From mind to hands. It usually flows alright, although sometimes I do hit potholes and speed bumps along the way. That’s all good though for me. I will pause and think about what I wrote and amend where needed. Every once in awhile I may make major strategy changes or edits along the way. This usually happens when as I am rambling in my own blog, I hit on something that because the central point of what I wanted to blog about. It works for me. 

STYLE, STYLE though, my blog is me and my thoughts and musings, which means that I write what I think. I am a sarcastic person, I know big shocker, so with that being the case, sarcasm slips into my own writings. I tend to be corny, so yes there are some big ass ears of corn in my writing. I do have a twisted sense of humor, which thankfully does not make it past my “dirty comment” buffer most of the time. 

If I were to hand write my blog, I would still be trying to translate my first post from Brian to English. Most of my posts are only planned in as much as I am going to write about life with diabetes or post weird pictures and the like. After that it is truly the whims of my own mind. The title usually comes first, however I may hit something hard as I am writing, so I change my title to reflect that topic. 

Where do I write best?? Well for me it is in the window from blogspot. Otherwise I would keep posting blank posts…. Oh where is my favorite spot to write on? My butt…. Ok, seriously. I don’t have a “best” spot. Anyplace where it is me and my nuttiness, is where I write the best. 

Updated: It has come to my attention that lazy ass forgot to hit publish yesterday and never posted this blog yesterday. He just saved it and ran out of his office. What an idiot. So once I finish today’s post you get a twofer.


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