Day 23: Writers Choice: Why I write

Once again today is another writer’s choice. I like the freebie days, granted I did not necessarily always follow the prompts completely myself. So I choose my prompt to reflect upon one of the early sign up bonus topics. This topic or choice was:

I keep writing because… Start your post with this sentence and, as the title says, keep writing. Free write for 15 minutes without stopping and see where it takes you.

I keep writing because no matter how much information is out there. There are always going to be more questions than answers. I keep writing because in my own small way I am making a difference, even if it is just to bring a smile to someone’s face. I keep writing because I want to.

These statements are only the beginning of why I write. When I started this blog I did not know what direction things would go. Who would read or ignore me. So I just went with my own way of thinking. To this day it seems to have been quite successful. I have posts that people love and those that people miss or I completely miss. 

I do this because I want to. It is not a job, even though the month challenge has become a sort of job. I do it because it gives me a chance to vent my own fears, frustrations, and challenges, knowing others have felt this way before. I do it because the comments of others help me most of the time. While I know that on some level I am helping those who read what I write. 

I do this because maybe one day something that I write does make a huge difference in the world. Maybe it is a post that might be circulated around the world for all people to see and read. To realize the facts and struggles that all of us face day after day. Maybe it could one day be that post that makes people realize that exercise and eating well will not cure us. Maybe the misconceptions can be cleared up in a world where the right information is at the fingertips of those who actively seek it and don’t fall prey to stereotypes. This is why I keep writing.

My blog is just that my blog. Yes sometimes I will sell myself out… wait no I won’t but if the right offer comes along…. :-p 

No my blog is my own and it goes in the direction I tell it. Not the other way around. I do this because it is where I need to be. Plus now that I have all of these business cards, I need to keep writing for a while, just to make it worth the money I spent on them…

No but seriously I write as I said before, because there are people facing some major struggles in their lives and if anything I may right on purpose or accidentally helps them. Well my job is done. This is why I write.  


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