The Search begins again

I have some quirks, I will not deny that. I like stuff. Who doesn’t? I like my stuff to look nice. Who doesn’t? I like my stuff to be practical. Again, who doesn’t? When it comes to my diabetes supplies, I also like practical. Last year before Friends for Life, I went out in search for the ideal travel accessory for my diabetes supplies as I travel throughout the day. I call it a murse. Once again, I am in search for a new supply travel bag for the day, to hold my test kit, my emergency supplies heaven forbid, and a bottle of water and or soda. I found a pretty nice one last year, however after a year of use and a few different trips, I have come to the conclusion that I am not enamored with it. The shoulder pad does nothing for me and well it is just awkward to carry.

I was talking with Jess last night about my bag search. She was kinda amused. I was explaining to her my conundrum and while she understood, there may have been some implicit grinning/hinting about it being nice to be a girl and have a purse to throw all of her stuff into. Fine, you have a purse. I can pee standing up and in the woods not without it being awkward. I think I win. (Sorry Jess, don’t know where that passion came from. Well I do, but yeah.)

Being a guy and dealing with ones supplies can be awkward at times for day long events. I mean I have thrown stuff into one of those sport sack things with the strings that cinch it closed. When I am doing sporting things and I can throw the bag down in one location that is fine. After hours of wear those things hurt. I don’t have a purse to put it in. I can even pull off the cool little bags that Karen was bragging about the other day. Where are the male friendly supplies? Nowhere.

It is a pain in the butt let me tell you. Don’t get me wrong, I will go and raid my local Target, Kohl’s, and maybe even REI in my ever searching quest for perfection in the bag department. But I am picky on some levels. I looked online for “diabetes supply bags” maybe I am a snob, but 1.) the bag has to at least look somewhat nice, 2.) the bag cannot be awkwardly bulky or HUGE, and 3.) the bag has to make sense for the supplies I am carrying. Some of the “supply bags” look like…. well I am not going to say what they look like. I already used the word pee, I have wandered as far as I can into that direction.

A supply bag for me and I am sure some of the other guys out there may agree. I am looking at you Martin to back me up. Needs to be practical. Have slots for meters, insulin, emergency supplies, maybe a frio slot, (which I don’t use), but also to hold an iPad or kindle or nook, maybe just a book, and a bottle of fluids as well. Yet at the same time maybe have some color on it and be comfortable to wear all day long. I want to be classy, well as classy as I can be. Yet at the same time I don’t want it to look like a PURSE.  I don’t know maybe I am asking for to much here. Yet, I don’t think I am. I would love to come up with a practical concept. I have ideas in my head. Yet there are no bag companies out there that have said, “Hey Brian, we see that you have ideas for the idea male bag for diabetes supplies. Want to come and meet with our people and design it??” Oh I would kill to be able to do that. Same thing with a more practical meter case. However, I am not going to be picky.

Having diabetes is a pain in the bum. Not being able to travel with supplies comfortably, should not be a problem for us. Adorn has the right idea. I like the idea of what they offer. If only they had a smaller option as well. Well they do, but it is a purse so yeah. Anyway. That is today’s “rant”. You guys all rock my socks and for those of you coming to Friends for Life less than 25 days depending on when you are showing up. Maybe, I will have a new bag to show off. If not, show me your purse and I will put my stuff in your bag.


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