How do you feel when low? What are your warning signs?

The other day i was having a conversation with one of my friends who has type-1 about this. The how we feel when low vs. the warning signs to people in which they might be able to make a positive identification of the warning signs that I/she could be low.

The long/short answer is that there is really no identifiable answer. I mean I am aware of somethings that can be cue, yet at the same time, they aren’t always. For instance, if I am low I don’t necessarily answer questions as sharply or as rapidly as I would normally do it. However, sometimes that doesn’t mean I am low. I mean if you are asking me a question that I have to truly think about, I might go off into the same vacant stare/lapse as I put all the pieces together. However, if you ask me what my favorite color is and I stare at you for like 30 seconds before I were to say blue. Chances are I am low. If you ask me what my favorite cheese is and I stare at you for 30 seconds, chances are I might not be low. I could be having the inner battle between cabot extra sharp cheddar, pepper jack cheese, or a nice fresh mozzarella. It all depends.

There is the grumpy aspect to. If someone mentioned this before or blogged about it before. I swear I am not stealing this idea from you. I don’t ever remember seeing it on the people who I read, but yeah I apologize in advance. The easiest way both my friend and I could describe the feeling of low is the snickers commercial that is playing on the telly right now. You know the one I am talking about right?!? No! Watch more television and stop biking, running, reading, playing basketball, and the like. THIS COMMERCIAL!

I can’t help but laugh. I mean the uncontrolled rages and getting mad at the stupidest things. That could be a sign that I am low and need to eat something. Snickers would be okay, however, I might suggest Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or something with peanut butter and chocolate. Yet the thing is the same with the slowness. Sometimes I am tired and just annoyed about something. I am not low. The best way to see if I am low/angry is not to say “Brian you need to eat something you are low.” or “Brian are you okay, what’s yo number?” Chances are if I am low, I will tell you something unpleasant and get really annoyed with you. If I am just pissy, the stupidity of the question and the fact you are just being kind and worried I might slip into a “comma” oops, I mean coma doesn’t matter to me.

There is no simple solution to a grumpy Brian. It takes some tact, it takes some skill. But trying to force me, especially if I might be legitimately low to acknowledge it or do something about it, will not work. Again offer me something I can’t resist on a more subtle level. I normally will not turn down food offered to me, unless I know my numbers are wicked high. I mean is that what my pump is for? I might delay it for like 5 – 10 minutes to make sure the insulin has a head start on what I am going to eat. However, just saying your low, eat something, or being a jerk about it is not going to help me. One thing, though if the only available option is a bowl of home made butter cream frosting and I have already mentioned how weirded out I am by just eating what is truly just butter and sugar. Do not bring it up as I am trying to treat a low. I might get sick. Haven’t yet. But it could happen.

The thing is that for me my lows can sometimes/oft times mimic my lows, the same with my friend and she gets it. However, the others don’t. I hate say it, the non-PWD’s who think they get it, DON’T. I feel bad later if I snap at them, but they just don’t get it. The fustration… frustration about the low in general, the over concern when we are in fact not low, it makes me want to bite something. For instance, the other day I was rearranging furniture in the room I have taken as my own and my parents were there. My mom was asking me to make decisions about stuff and frankly I was putting some serious thought into it. Partly because I did not want to move the furniture again, but also because I really wanted to think about it. So I was cautious and taking my time on the details. Inevitably, “Brian EAT SOMETHING!” (Does not work, ever). “I don’t need to!” Than she starts crying, because she is worried about me! CRYING!!! I get it, you are worried. First of all I was 98 at the time and frankly getting even more annoyed. I show her Beepy and say, “Look I am 98.” “I don’t know what the means” (Facepalm)

I pretty much do this 24/7 365 by myself. In the 4 hours you are seeing me, don’t try to get all parental on me and think I don’t know what I am doing. Chances are I do and I am fine. Rant over. I hate being low, enough said. Now where the heck is my Snickers? I am starting to get moody.


5 thoughts on “How do you feel when low? What are your warning signs?

    • See I feel I would be even more annoyed after I was asked that question. Not to mention the fact that if I were low, might have the person think my entire argument was based on the low and not the matter I was arguing about in truth.

  1. You’re speaking from my heart there. It’s the same for me with being irritable and slow – talking but moreso walking. But when I feel a low creeping up on me, it is often a feeling so subtle, that I cannot even describe it at all. Somehow, I just feel “wrong”. I feel I am not up to everything, but as I cannot describe the feeling people have a really hard time understanding why I refuse to do things or are slow.

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