Me, D, and exercise.

I am currently sitting on a few different blog posts, so it has taken me a while to try to get my life and blogging ideas in order. I am just stabbing in a random order over the next week.

After my last endo. appointment, I had resolved myself to get working on a better exercise routine. I managed over the course of a 6 months or so to gain back around 8 – 10 lbs, that I had lost years ago. Partly due to stress eating, poor choices, free reign of the fridge, and trying unsuccessfully to make time to work out. This had to change.

I became more proactive about getting to the gym, not great but working towards it. I bought a new fitness workout for my kinect, the jury is still out on that one. But I am trying to get things going again. One thing though that always made a huge impact on my body was running, I tried cycling over the summer, but the effects left me worn out at times, and I think running was still better for me. Not that I am giving up on my bike mind you.

So I have started running again. I really wish I had a better picture of my Dexcom to show you what yesterday’s bastard run did to me, but by the time I was done, I was not thinking about taking blogworthy photo’s.

This picture looks scary enough, I know. First of all I am currently sucking on some laffy taffy. No good jokes to report today. Anyway if you look at the second peak to my CGM, you can see where my run was going on. My schedule is erratic and I can never really schedule when I am going for a run, so I don’t usually get a chance to set a temp. basal  before hand. Pre-run I was floating around 85 or so. So I took a half hour of prep time had some snackage, had some juiceage, and a few Glucolift’s as well (I will talk about those bad boys another day). So when I started my run I tested at 126 and you can see the peak. I rationalized that I had enough in the tank for a decent run. (WRONG).

I started my run with my iPod, my Level in one pocket, and a gel in the other. Not to mention the paper towel to blow my nose when I start to snot. (Funny thing I always start my runs with paper towels in my pocket, however 90% of the time when I got to use them, they are no longer in my pocket, what the fructose is that about?). The run was good. I mean two days of running, I was a bit sore, but I ran out the pain and managed to skip one of my breathe catching walks. That was good. While I run Beepy and I stay pretty well connected, maybe every 5 – 7 minutes I will check to make sure I am not tanking. Well as you see on the graph, that did not happen this time. The picture hardly does it justice. All of a sudden I go from 138/94/77/44 all with the scary down arrow, thankfully no double down arrow.

So I go from run to walk immediately. I pull out the caramel level and down it like its my job. (Tasted pretty good.) Yet I look at where I am and realize that I am 4 ish miles into my run and am at least a mile or so from my residence and I am zonked. The low just totally kicked my ass and I still need to get home. The funny thing is I could have found a parishioners house and asked, but that would have just been weird. “Mom, Fr. Brian’s here and needs a ride home.” Yeah that looks good. So I manned up and walked home.

No more running, I wasn’t that stupid. Oddly enough I happened upon my Confirmation coordinator at a traffic intersection and climbed into her car, for the remaining half mile or so I needed to go. I mean at that point I was on the up and up, but I hate it. Runs which I do enjoy, kill my knees, but more so can kick my butt at times and I hate it. Last week anytime I wanted to go to the gym, I wasn’t at a number I felt happy about exercising with, so I had to treat before hand to get to a more exercise friendly number, but the treating is counter productive to the fact that I am trying to burn calories, not earn them. I hate you diabetes when I want to be healthy.


5 thoughts on “Me, D, and exercise.

  1. I completely understand what you’re saying here. My problem is when I get into a routine and a short while (two, three weeks) later, my metabolism catches up and I start getting completely unexpected lows at the weirdest times. As if any time is not weird.

    Anyway, good that you’re okay. These kind of things usually iron themselves out with a little diligence (and maybe a basal adjustment?).

  2. Ugh, it’s so frustrating to finally get of your butt and exercise (good for you!), only to be struck by lows halfway. But let me tell you: It will get better. Your body gets used to the exercise, you will learn how to do what’s necessary to get through the exercise without tanking. Might take some time though. Hang in there!

  3. Is that a Jess pun in your title?! 😉

    If you are being more consistent in your exercise, maybe it’s just time to reduce the basals across the board? I know I had to do that after only a week of shredding.

    • That is something to consider. But the consistency is not always consistent. That is part of the problem in general. Each day/week is really anything goes. I have some routine, but alot of not routine in my plans.

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